Monday, November 21, 2016


Grant us the grace to change what is easy,
The courage to change what is difficult,
And the wisdom to see the need for both. 

How was your weekend?  I decided to take Sunday and truly rest.  Kept on my pj's and the daybed in bed mode rather than seating mode. I watched football games (bonus, my Vikings won), read, colored in a Christmas coloring book given to me by my daughter, hand stitched ornaments, played in Pinterest, munched on homemade popcorn.  (The type you make on the stove, not in the microwave.), found new blogs to read...I haven't spent a day like that in ages and it was fun, relaxing and just plain enjoyable. Guess I am getting geared up to this week's holiday.

The forecast is for rain on Thursday. Hope not because going to the parade in the rain isn't fun, but there are lots less folks around. Have to see how bad the rain is. If it's raining buckets, then I guess staying home is an option.

One of the ornaments I was working on this weekend was the yo-yo Christmas Tree...

When I made the first sample, I added the beads after the tree was assembled. It was definitely difficult. So I am adding the beads to each yo-yo...

Five beads for the largest two, four for the next two sizes and three for the last two. If you do this type of beading and don't have a beading tray to work with, I have a trick for you to use.  I get a heavy cereal size bowl, fold a terrycloth washcloth and slip it inside, then add the beads.  

Make sure the washcloth is a different color than the beads. This makes it easy to see the bead holes and your needle can go into the washcloth with no damage to get the bead on. Check this out...
A great bonus, it's really hard to tip the bowl over and lose the beads.

Another your beads get full of static electricity and jump all over? Mine did. I keep mine in a plastic box designed to hold a variety of beads. If you place a dryer sheet over the beads which is thin enough to still allow for the top to close securely, the static electricity stops. Gotta love those dryer sheets!!!

So, tell me have you thought of what you are thankful for today? If your like me, there are some days when the political news is so depressing it's hard to be thankful for anything. But, then, I realize that I did wake up this morning after a wonderful night of restful sleep. I had plenty to eat, the lights are on, etc., etc., etc.  So, yes there is still plenty to be thankful for and today I am thankful for my cats - Chip and Dale. They drive me crazy at times, but they always snuggle with me and keep me warm.

That's all I got for today...
Thanks for stopping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...