Thursday, January 5, 2017



Alas, this is the last day of Christmas for this Holiday Season. I won't be taking down my decorations for a while (quite a while, to be honest with you) but I think this will be the last post of my holiday decorations.

But the music will still play on, the lights will still twinkle and I will get all gooey inside remembering lots of wonderful Christmas memories. How about you? Do you ever take time to sit down and remember past holiday celebrations? It gives a great perspective on life.


So what do you think 2017 will bring for you personally?  Opportunities, challenges or both?  For me, there will be both. 

I am looking forward to creative endeavors to expand my artistic perspective. I want to work with fabric and continue to explore creating modern art in a series format. 

I want to go back to working with mixed media. I have really put that aside for several months but now I would like to get back to working in that medium, especially watercolor and colored pencils.

Writing has always been important to me and the two opportunities I see here are with my fictional friends from the 'We're Still Kicking Quilters' as well as with some type of inspirational articles both of which I will be posting here.

Things like organizing my studio (done) and reworking my wardrobe (well underway - I have now finishes altering both pairs of pants!) will be part of my opportunities.

Challenges? Well, I think most of them will come from our political situation and the possible consequences. But, that will also present opportunities. I was active in the civil rights and women's rights movements back in the 60's and 70's. I will now have the opportunity to work again in the political arena. It can be an exhilarating experience as well as a community building opportunity. 

I realize that things may be really troubling in the coming year but remember that change is constant. And in this case, we do need to be active in bringing about change that will benefit everyone, especially our neighbors who are hurting and will probably end up in a worse shape over the coming year. 

But have heart...all is not lost. Remember the old cliche, 'It's always darkest before the dawn'? Well, the good news is that dawn will come...

Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you tomorrow...