Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Well, the temperatures may be in the mid to high forties, but with the damp, dark, windy and cloudy weather, it feels a lot colder. I wore my winter jacket today when I was out walking including gloves! I even stopped in for a cup of hot coffee to warm up. So I thought that beginning my blog with a flower would chase away those chills.


Four of the five round robin groups got to see the results last Saturday. I was late in getting photos of most of the reveals but here are the ones I did photograph...

I really loved the results of my round robin. Remember this was the center...

And this is my reveal...


When I finished making my design wall and photograph wall, I had a small piece of painter's cloth left over that I knew I would not be able to use when making the wingback slipcover. Rather than discard the piece, I cut it into smaller pieces that could be used as background when making quilt wall hangings. Now this fabric ravels easily...

That needs to be remedied while working with it.  There are several ways to stop the raveling. Stitching with a zig zag stitch all around the edges works well. Using a tape like duct tape to cover the edges also works well. Another way is to completely finish the edge as shown.


With one of the painter's cloth background, I decided to try a new project. I saw an article in the Winter 2006 Quilting Arts Magazine titled "Harmonious Attraction: Painterly Effects with Yarn and Fabric" by Kirsten Chursinoff.

The first step is to create a picture. I choose to create a mosaic out of a variety of fabrics...

I will be adding lots of thread work and yarn. Not sure where it will end up but I always enjoy trying new techniques.


There's a lot of talk swirling around the Affordable Health Care Act. Joanne at "Wednesday's Child" has a brief but interesting post about the difference between Access and Coverage. Check it out here.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I love this beautiful almost looks fake but I assure you, it was a real flower when I took the picture. It's so gloomy out...dark, cloudy and raining...that I wanted to post something that cheered me up.


My workshop last Saturday was a ton of fun. A lot of folks participated but I didn't want to take photos of them without permission so, I decided to share just a few of the creations. Remember, this was about Happy Villages and here is my example...

The photos from the workshop are of 'works in progress' so none were done...

What I enjoyed most was how much fun the participants had. Their laughter was so infectious that other folks who were waiting for the guild meeting to begin came over to see what all the excitement was about. And, in turn, many of those watching signed up for next month's workshop!


Last Monday, I posted that I missed my design wall and had figured out a way to have a design wall using my well as a photo wall. Well, I finished it. One thing that surprised me was how much fabric was left over from the painter's cloth. I think I have enough to cover my wingback chair without using the other painter's cloth. 

So, here is the design wall...

And here is the photo wall...


I think that my sewing tips will originate with something that I have experienced. The first one was and this one follows right on. I have sewed lately using a lot of fleece. First to cover the back cushions for my daybed and then some pillows. 

Well, I was changing thread and saw that there was a ton of fleece lint caught in my sewing machine. Again, my second sewing tip is something that each of us knows that we should do but often forget. So my second sewing tip is: CLEAN YOUR MACHINE! It really does make a difference.


When I was at Barnes and Nobles last week, perusing the magazines, I noticed changes in types and amounts of magazines in the craft area. Now, these are only my observations but I have come to realize that printed magazines many times correspond to trends. One thing that may affect my observations are the increase in digital subscriptions, however, many of which I have.

With that in mind, I have noticed some trends. For instance, there were more knitting magazines last year than there are now. Crocheting magazines seem to be about the same. I think, though, that there has been a resurgence in quilting magazines. I found fewer last year and many were issued less frequently. 

A surprise was macrame magazines. Macrame was really popular back in the 60's and 70's but now there are magazines. Mixed media magazines are still around but I think there are fewer. There are still many card making magazines, but fewer stamping and journaling. And some magazines have reduced their issues from six to four. 

What's interesting to me about the trends is that fabric and yarn crafts seem to be more popular than other crafts. One note: Any observation I may have could easily be influenced by which magazines Barnes and Nobles chooses to include in their inventory.  

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I hope you had a great three day weekend. 
I enjoyed watching the NFL Playoff games. 
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Friday, January 13, 2017



It's was downright hot yesterday!! At least hot for a winter day...mid 60's. Folks were out and about in t-shirts and shorts. The trip to the Bronx for lunch was quite interesting. There was an incident somewhere in upper Manhattan on the east side that involved the tracks. Commuting was the pits...a 3 hour trip just to get there.

But on the way back, I stopped at Union Square and walked around for several hours people watching and enjoying the warm weather. I ended up in Barnes and Noble to look around and spend one of the gift cards that I received at Christmas.  Lots of fun. By the time I got back home, though, it was very late.


1.  My first weekend wonder is my workshop tomorrow at Empire's Quilt Guild on Happy Villages. I finished preparing for it today. Another adventure at the guild tomorrow will be the 'reveals' of the Round Robins. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's creations. And I will take photos to share.

2.  Of course, there will be football games both Saturday and Sunday. I will miss at least one of them but I will enjoy the other three...go Packers. (Well, yes, I am a Vikings Fan but if not the Vikings, I will cheer for the Packers.!)

3.  I want to make the design wall that I talked about earlier this week. I have some design ideas that I want to try out and auditioning them on the design wall will save time...and possibly present even more ideas.

4.  When I was out yesterday, I purchased four new magazines and I am looking forward to spending time with a good cup of coffee or tea and read them.

Very low key weekend, I know. How about you? Do you have any adventures lined up? I hope you do and that you enjoy them...

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