Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Today, I have been very busy getting the trailer ready to move.   No, I'm not leaving yet but my trailer has to have a check-up:   Wheel bearings, brake and tires.   So, after getting it all ready to take pictures for the 'Where Bloggers Create Tour', today I had to pack everything away and get it ready for travel albeit only five miles.

As a result, I didn't get to my journal page nor Zentangle Challenge for today.  Tomorrow we will be driving the trailer to the garage at 6:30am and the rest of the day is free so I should have time to create.

Sunday, the weather was very nice so we went to the Rockport State Park which has a great lake so that some of us - not me - could go kayaking.

Well, true to form, the weather changed...rapidly...and caught the folks in the kayaks out on the lake while the rest of us almost got blown away, soaked and wondering about the lightening.   Check out these pictures...

And the 'frosting' on the day was when the truck broke down and had to be towed to the garage!!! A fun day was had by all?   Actually, it was an adventure!!!

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Monday, July 21, 2014


Really!!!   Does that mean that summer is half way over already???   My goodness, where does the time go???

This month's theme is Radical Compassion.   Remember, one way to define compassion is being totally present to someone - understanding, sharing and acting.

Last week we considered the idea that compassion has to begin with and toward yourself.   This week we need to turn outward and consider the idea of radical compassion towards others - family, friends and strangers.

Most religions talk in terms of hospitality towards others, especially the stranger.   Reaching out, understanding their lives and acting however possible to make their lives better.   Sometimes that is not an easy task.   We all want to make sure our needs are fulfilled.   Our bills are paid.   Our families are fed, etc., etc., etc.

But, there are times when we equate our 'wants' with our 'needs' and choose those over another's 'needs'.   Maybe we could take small steps to show our compassion to others.   Not only donating food, clothing and money but actually working in a kitchen to feed the hungry, sitting and talking with someone in stress, helping someone find clothing that fits, filling school bags with supplies for children in need.   Or even smiling at someone who is obviously upset, like a cashier dealing with a difficult customer.

What can you do to show your Radical Compassion to others in need?   Look around, I bet you can find lots of ways.

This Zentangle focuses on both geometric and organic designs.  Not too many days left with this challenge...

I haven't done much sketching lately but today I pulled out my journal and had fun drawing a plant.   I first used a regular pencil and then added some stokes with my colored pencils...

There's a new journal prompt posted.   I think this should be an interesting journal page.   Ideas are already forming.

1.  Lose one pound
2.  Walk two miles five days
3.  Get Duchess to garage                               
4.  Finalize Duchess' license plate
5.  Blog five days                                            
6.  Write two hours daily - e-book
7.  Work on Wall Hanging                               
8.  Finish up Zentangle Challenge
9.  Work daily on 'Collage' Course                    
10.  Read, Read, Read

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Friday, July 18, 2014


A busy, busy day with lots of fun things and lots of work.   It began with my morning walk...by the way, I'm walking two miles every weekday now...not too bad for someone who is not exactly athletic!!!

The walk began normally.   I took a picture of some flower/weeds growing by the road...

And walking through the tunnel under Highway 80 I took a few more pictures...

And merrily I went on my way up a long steep hill, then a flat area and finally getting ready to go down the hill, I decided to stop and take a drink.   For some reason I turned around and this is what I saw...

And on my way back, I saw two more...

They were so close, I could hear when the burners were turned on to give the balloons some height.   I've seen hot air balloons before, but never this close.   A very nice way to begin my day.

I have gone round and round with my to do lists. Sometimes I have long detailed lists and sometimes I have short abbreviated lists.   How about you?

For the present, I have settled on an in-between list.   Not too detailed nor long but including most of what I want to accomplish.   Do I always get everything done?   No.   But things not finished go onto the next day's list.

I also include things that I do everyday just to remind myself.   For instance, my exercise.   Yes, I generally do it, but seeing it on my list gives me just enough incentive to make sure I follow through even on those days I would rather skip walking.

The only sure thing about my to do list is that I need one.   Maybe it's the satisfaction I get when I cross something off.   Maybe it's so I remember to do something.   Maybe it's because it is a way to organize my day.   For whatever reason, I find that I am better off with one than without one.  

On the other hand, I am not a slave to my list.   I will dispense with it in a New York Minute if something comes up to change my day.  Like today.   We decided to take the kids to the movies...off we went and I didn't give my to do list a second thought.

So, I ask, What's On Your To Do List?   Does the list help or hinder?   Only you can answer that question and that answer will help you decide if you need one and what type it is: Short, long, detailed, general.    Now, where did I put my pencil...I have things to cross off my list...

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