Friday, August 26, 2016


An errand running I did go, an errand running I did go, hi ho the merry....well you get the idea. Lots happening today from running errands to cooking for the family plus.   (You know, most of the time there are several more sitting around the table for supper.)

I made an old standby that the kids love.   Basically, I sauted some ground beef and onions, added it to baked beans (canned), put it in the oven until bubbling hot.  Then I topped with canned rolls (cut in half) and finally cheese.   Bake in the over until the rolls are browned. Quick and easy.

I also worked on a writing project and the woven wall hangings, and then I collapsed.

Not much planned for the weekend, so I hope I can just relax and take it easy.   Hope you can to...

Talk to you on Monday

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Today was errand day...lots of places to go and lots of things to do including picking up things to finish the weavings.

I did finish the large raw edge pumpkin weaving...

I picked up some fabric adhesive and used that to keep the pumpkin together.  Although I used the adhesive to adhere it to the woven background, I did stitch around it.   If I was at home, I would have done a lot more sewing.

For the background, I would have stitched down the middle of each row, both ways.   I would have done the same with the pumpkin and then attached it using a close zig-zag.  One of the ways I compensated was to sew a bead in each square.

I also finished a small version.  This is the size for the amount of fabric I suggested.  However, if they want they will be able to bring more and make a larger one.

Here's the smaller one...

You can see how much smaller it is be checking out the dowel.  When I made this one, I cut out the strips, attached the top to a piece of cardboard with tape.  The I used a dot of fabric glue at each intersection.  

I did it for both the background and the pumpkin.   It was easy to do so I think I will use that technique.  Looking at the bottom picture, I realize that it looks more like an apple than a pumpkin, but that's okay for now.   I will work on the pattern a bit more.  The top is also a bit crooked which is just the way the wall hanging was laying on the background fabric.

So I have one more to finish.  The finished edged wall hanging.   It will be the same size as the top wall hanging.  What I will do is cut each strip larger, then fold back the edges on both sides, iron, and continue as before.

Well, tomorrow is another errand day but I hope to have everything finished by the end of the week so I can mail everything off for the September Guild Meeting.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Yesterday was the last day of freedom as the grandkids said sadly.   So, the day was spent doing things with them including supper out.

If you ever find yourself in Morgan, Utah (A nice little town off of Interstate 84.), you need to have supper at Larry's Spring Chicken Inn.  More to the point, you need to have their chicken dinner.  They do not fix the chicken until ordered so it does take a while, but the food...oh my goodness, the food is absolutely delicious.  And the portions are enough for a couple meals.   And for desert there's a variety of home-made pies.   I can't say enough good things about this need to check it out for yourself when/if you're in the area.

So, I was working on the pumpkin part of the wall hanging when I realized that there was a problem. I cut the strips 3/4 inches wide, and I wove four strips together but it is too hard to figure out a way to keep them all together and straight.  Gluing seemed to take too long and hand sewing was difficult. Remember, I am teaching this in a workshop and I need to have the process down pat.

I think I have come up with a solution...fabric adhesive sheets like Steam-a-Seam or Heat & Bond which, of course, I do not have.  So tomorrow I'll pick up some and try it out.   If the pumpkin is cut out of whole cloth rather than woven, there isn't a problem.  But a woven pumpkin will need it.

I have a few more pictures from my walk at Silver Lake. A good deal of the walk is on marsh so an elevated walkway is needed.

I also found a couple of unique nature designs.   The first is a leafless bush and the second is a group of tall trees.

Well, I made a casserole for supper this evening.   Simple:  Potatoes, ground beef, onions, mixed veggies and a white sauce.  Not sure if the grandkids will like it.  It's almost time for them to come home so I will close this post for now.

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By the way, reach out to your friends and make sure all is well.  You never know when someone is in need unless you do...