Tuesday, November 24, 2020


So, I don't generally lead a post with a picture of fabric, but this is one of the, oh, say a million or two, that I have processed...and that I like.  

I have been working hard to get the fabric processed and done, but I find that if I concentrate and accomplish a lot one day, it's like pulling teeth to do the same the next day.

Oh, I have been processing the fabric but not like I did yesterday.  One thing that I think is slowing me down is how much is measuring 1/2 to 3/4 yard which puts it in a different category.  But to be honest, one yard cuts aren't much better.

I took the turkey and ham out of the freezer this morning in hopes that they will thaw out by Thursday.  A small turkey and a medium ham.  Looks like I will have to finish all the rest of the sides on the stove or in an electric skillet.  Wonder if I can do the potatoes in the slow cooker?  Think I will look for a recipe.

The pecan and pumpkin pies will be made tomorrow and I think I will try some pumpkin bread with the leftover pumpkin.  And I know that the boys will sample them tomorrow rather than waiting until Thursday, but, hey, that's fine with me.

Well, back to fabric...

Talk with you tomorrow...


Monday, November 23, 2020


So I have been up to my eyeballs in fabric.  If I took a picture of my studio, it would be hard to find the floor or any clear spaces because there is fabric everywhere!!!

I am in the process of photographing and measuring all the fabric that the guild has received in donations.  Let me tell you, that's a lot of fabric.  It takes over half of a garage.

We did get another extremely large, metal, sturdy shelf to set up so that the boxes will not be stacked mile high on the floor.  Now we are trying to find out and publicize the fabric to our members by publishing pictures and amounts of all the fabric over one yard.

Course that leaves boxes and boxes of 3/4 yard cuts, 1/2 yard cuts, 1/4 yard cuts, 1/8 yard cuts plus bags and bags (think extra large ziplocks) of large scraps sorted by color.  I am tired just writing this endeavor done!

In the meantime, I have been researching my blog and where I want to go next year.  First of all, I need to get back to more regular posting.  Which in essence means less time for the guild, but I think that will be possible as things are in fairly decent shape...or at least will be by the end of the year.  (Raffle baskets, Holiday Charity, and of course continuing with the fabric!!!)

I am looking at a different tag line.  At one time I was thinking about changing the title, but that seems a step to far.  But as I said I will be changing the direction.  Three days will have specific post subjects centered around minimalism, mindfulness and mixed medium (Crafts).  The other two days will be what's going on in the world or right here in my little corner of the world.

I am happy about the direction I am taking the blog and am looking forward to continued planning and writing.  Course, right now, I am looking forward to finishing up organizing the guild's fabric.

Talk with you tomorrow...(I hope)


Monday, November 16, 2020


So, Thanksgiving is next Thursday, basically ten days away!!!  But do you know what that means?

Christmas Eve is about 39 days from now!!!  Really?!?  Yep, about that!

I feel like that commercial, it's ten o'clock, do you know where your children are?  Except in my case it would be, it's closer than you think, do you know where your presents/decorations are?'

I am ahead in my shopping, though!  Letting my fingers do the walking (on my computer) as I order things rather than shopping in person.  And you know what, I like it.  It's cheaper - no impulse purchasing - and I can stick to a budget.  I wonder if I will change back now that I have experienced the ease of shopping from home.

I was also very careful with my gift choices.  Again, no impulse purchases!  I also wonder if this will be the beginning of a trend toward minimalism.  Not the type where you live with 41 items, but rather that what you purchase either for yourself or for others is thoughtful and something that fits into your/their lifestyles.

What about you?  Are you thinking about changing the way you celebrate the upcoming holidays.  Speaking of celebrating, I hope all of you are making wise choices with your celebration even if it means staying at home.  

I know that I will miss the big, loud, joyful celebrations, but if staying home this year means that I will be around for next year...well, I will choose to stay home.  Not only for Thanksgiving, but for Christmas.  That will make next year all the better...

Talk with you tomorrow...

(I hope...)