Monday, February 8, 2016


It really does feel like Sunday...I'm having to remind myself several times that it is Monday...all day.

It snowed today.  As a matter of fact, coming back from a quick outing, I couldn't see the Verrazano Bridge from the Belt Parkway until I was almost next to it.  And if you aren't familiar with the Verrazano Bridge, let me tell you it's huge...very massive.

There was lots of snow on the ground and the snowflakes were giant. Got to my street and nothing! Absolutely nothing!!!  Now let me tell you, I am only a few blocks away from the bridge.   It's a bit uncanny if you ask me.

But it does look like winter has arrived this week.   We are scheduled for snow several days, with colder temperatures (in the 30's) and wind.   Think this may be a week to stay in.

I did enjoy the Superbowl although I have to say it was kind of ugly.   But that's the way defensive games are and let's face it, the Bronco's have a great defense.   And it was so nice to have the team that I hoped would win, actually win.  Especially as they were slated to lose.

I have some more tags to share...

I am still keeping up with this challenge.   I am actually finding satisfaction at having to create in such a short time.   Right now, I am simple putting marks on paper (tags) and then figuring out what to do with them.

Well, now that the SuperBowl is over, it's time to take down the Christmas Decorations.   I picked up some bubble wrap today and have ordered a dozen solid cardboard banker boxes.   The plastic ones that my decorations were in are too large to stack double on my storage shelves.   Besides, their shape does not provide as much storage as the banker boxes.   And, I will be downsizing drastically, many of the items to my children, but I think there will be a few more boxes in Lady J by the end of the week.

Oh, and about last week.   I am really, really...I mean really...bad with dates.   Insignificant ones and really important ones.   Well, last week - Friday to be exact - was a very important date.  The anniversary of my husband's death.

How could I forget that, you ask?   Well, I actually did remember it prior, but more importantly the loss is with me daily.   No, not in a sad way, just in a matter of fact way.   He's no longer present physically so recognizing a particular date doesn't seem important to me.   Anyway, once I recognized that that fact was kind of playing havoc with my ability to create, I was able to get back to creating...

So, it's all good.   Each of us has to do the best we can with the life we're are given and life goes on.

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Friday, February 5, 2016


Well, today began early as I got up in time to get ready and leave for the thrift store.   Lady J is packed full once again.

Alarm went off.   I got up.   Took care of the critters, Chip and Dale and Linus and Lucy.   Got dressed.   Was about to take off when I finally opened the blinds and realized that it was snowing!   Ah...I wasn't prepared for that.

So, I checked the alternate side of the street site only to find that the rules had been suspended for the day.   Looked out the window again and it was snowing quite hard.   Checked a website for the snow amount forecast and realized that where I was going was supposed to get a lot more snow than here.  

Hmmmm.   Do I really want to buck the Friday traffic on a snowy day?   Took about a New York Second to realize that NO, I did not.

So, Lady J is full of stuff to donate and it will have to, once again, wait until next week before delivering it to the thrift store.  

What did I do today?   Cleaned the house, washed clothes (remember it's not an automatic washer), organized the hall closet and read a Laura Child's Tea Shop Mystery - Ming Tea Murder.  I really do enjoy her mysteries.   Maybe because I love visiting tea shops.  

I did read it on my iPhone and for the first time I ventured all the way to the end and read the resources that she uses for tea master Drayton's blends.   I love tea including the plain old Lipton teabags.  

But I especially love the whole range of what I call mysterious (Any tea not found in a regular grocery store in a tea bag!) teas.   At the end of the book she includes publications about tea, American tea plantations. interesting tea websites and blogs and purveyors of fine tea.

There are also locations in Charleston for information and places to visit.   I have been to Charleston many times and enjoy her descriptions of places I remember visiting.   If you're in the area, I highly recommend spending some time in Charleston.

I was surprised to see that there are tea plantations in the states.   Of course, she listed many in Hawaii, but also one in Charleston, one in Fairhope, Alabama (I have actually been to Fairhope which is across the Mobile Bay from Mobile, Alabama many times but did not know there was a tea plantation.) one in Mississippi and one in Burlington, Washington.

I think it would be interesting to visit a tea plantation to see what goes into growing, harvesting and drying tea.  I may have to include a trip there sometime...just not in the summer when it's hot and muggy. Me and hot and muggy days do not go together too well!

Well, the last of the football games for this season is Sunday...the Superbowl.   Do you have a favorite?  I would like to see Denver win but odds are against them.

After Sunday, my Christmas decorations will be taken down and packed away.   I will miss my tree. It still makes me smile to look at it.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Have you ever experienced a creative block?   Like a writer's block?   Or an artist's block?   Well, that seems to be what I am experiencing right now in regards to writing.   I just seem to have a hard time doing it...even the morning pages that Julie Cameron suggests doing in 'The Artist's Way'.

My question is how to break out of it?   I seem to be able to create in other areas but not write.   Speaking of other areas, here are my latest tags.   Some are good, others not so much...

One thing that I am discovering is that I am not especially fond of using stamps as a focal point.   Background, okay.   I seem to enjoy drawing or painting to achieve different effects.   My stamp usage doesn't seem to be creative to me.  And the same goes with using ephemera.   There was a time when I used it more but not lately.

As a matter of fact, I really haven't been creating with fabric, my favorite medium to use.   So, I figure that I am just kind of in limbo creative-wise.  

On the other hand, I am reading more.   And I am keeping up with my exercises and getting out everyday. Today, I walked to the post office to mail off my inchie swap.   It was cloudy and a bit cool but not enough to bundle up.  
Well, I'll just keep on keeping on, looking forward to the day when those creative juices surge again.

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