Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Well, maybe I should just copy and paste my sentences from the last couple of posts because once again it is raining and storming.   Can I just say, again, that this is really unusual weather for here. Maybe the end of the drought is beginning!!!

As a result of the rain, I haven't been exercising.  Although after the hit on my head, and the leg injury which I didn't even notice until my headache stopped, it's probably a good thing that I am relaxing.

The cats, however, are going stir crazy.   They go out into their fenced area, feel the raindrops and run back in.   And then they repeat the whole process again...and again...and again.   Finally, they both sigh and just lay down inside on the bed.

Only two more days in this challenge.   Right now I am working on my designs rather than on specific strokes.

I have been able to work on my journal page for this week.   I decided to try some lettering which seems to be very popular right now.   I need more practice, but I've enjoyed the process.   By the way, the pictures are not great because the lighting (due to weather) is not great inside and, of course, I really can't go outside unless I want to get wet!

I took these pictures before the rain.   You can see the pear tomatoes - they taste very good - and a couple of the flowers which I planted to attract bees...

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What do you think the odds are going to be for more rain?


Well, today was a continuation of yesterday...rain, thunderstorms and wind.   Very, very unusual weather for this area.   Yesterday the wind was so strong that things were blowing away.   I went outside to retrieve some items and unfortunately, while trying to pick them up, a strong wind gust knocked over the swing right on my head!!!   I had a goose-egg the size of a baseball.    And

Only a few more days left in this challenge.   I will be sad to see it end.   Hopefully, I will be diligent in continuing to drawing Zentangles several times a week.

r /> I was unable to walk today due to the rain but I have been taking pictures while out walking because I have been noticing the different shades of grasses/weeds.  Have you taken the time to really look grass or weeds?   Check out these pictures...

Colors from brown to beige to pale green to almost white.   I want to try to capture those colors in some of my creations like fabric landscapes and colored pencil drawings.

I don't know about you, but I find that when I am a creative mode, especially drawing, I comprehend a lot more of what I see.   Take grass, or weeds.   When I'm not paying attention, things just run together.   But when I really look at something, all the details jump out at me.

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Monday, July 28, 2014


Compassion.   That's our thought for the month.   Compassion for others.   Compassion for self.   And, let's consider for this week, compassion for life.   You're probably heard the phrase 'Zest for life'.  Well, it's really the same as 'Compassion for life' except perhaps with a bit more energy and maybe a bit less concern.

By that I mean that when one has compassion for life, there is a feeling of love of life with all it's attendant facets like the excitement of discovery and wonder and questions.   But, there is also the added feeling of being concerned for life.   Not scared.   Not angry.  Not intimidated.   But rather, a love that wants all of life, all of creation including our world and the animals and people dwelling on it to be fine.

And that means that we both take care of life, of our world, of the animals, of people as well as share our excitement about life.   Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it?   A bit daunting, perhaps?   Remember the saying 'Better to light one candle than curse the darkness'?

Well, that's how each of us can show our corner of the world.   If one of us sets the example for the next person, and that person shows two more and they show...well, you get the picture.   Compassion for life would spread like wildfire throughout the world.   Who wants to start first?

Only a couple more days left of this challenge.   I was looking at my first Zentangles a few days ago and I can see that the later ones have really improved.   I also feel far more comfortable about designing.


Let's hope I do better with this week's goals than last weeks.
1.  Lose one pound
2.  Exercise five days
3.  Blog five days
4.  Finish the Zentangle Challenge
5.  Finish the wall hanging
6.  Work on internet class at Artful Gathering
7.  Write every day
8.  Begin planning next month's blogs
9.  Read
10.  Organize files

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