Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back to Creating...

I'm really relieved and excited about having my studio/office basically set up.   I still have things to work out like where to put my sewing machine so it is available all the time.    But first I have to find a sturdy table, on wheels, that would hold the sewing machine.

At any rate,  I have gotten back into creating.   Here's a piece that I've begun.   It's a forest on a winter night.

The bottom third of the background is a lot lighter than it appears in the picture which makes the transitions more compatible.

I thought about placing branches on the trees but after exploring several ways of adding branches, I decided that I liked it better plain - showing only the trunks.  

I think I am going to add an animal or two.   Maybe a rabbit and a deer.   What do you think?   I think I want the deer in the background so I may have to remove a bush.   The rabbit I would prefer in the foreground.

I'm waiting for the latest nor'easter.   Actually, it's here with snow and rain and wind.    And it's staying around for a couple days.   A great time for making soup!!!

Thanks for dropping in...

See you tomorrow...