Monday, May 10, 2010

Jeans, Jeans, Who Has the Jeans???

This piece of wood lay in a field of downed trees.   The trees had fallen either due to a storm or disease, I'm not sure which, but this particular piece grabbed my attention because of the bluish hues and the unusual growth rings - they reminded me of a four-leaf clover.

I hope all mothers enjoyed a great Mother's Day!   I watched several hours of Eureka, a Sci-Fi channel television show.   And what's more, new episodes are airing in July!  A real treat because I thought that they were not filming any new episodes and that the show was over.

I'm not sure that I mentioned it before, but we are flying out west to visit family at the end of the week.   At my age, I have decided to dress very informally and comfortably, so I generally live in jeans.   Lately, I have been looking for jeans with either a straight or slim cut.  Unfortunately,  all I could find were boot cuts.   And many of the  boot cuts were so large that they reminded me of the bell-bottom pants of the 60's.

Now I have to tell you that I am not a slim person...I have battled weight all my life.  I do exercise five or six days a week and I do watch what I eat, but the weight just does not budge.  So most of the jeans that I own have legs that I simply drown in.

After another unsuccessful search, I decided to try altering a pair of jeans myself.   Now, I used to sew a lot of my own clothes as well as my children's clothes when they were young, but that was eons ago.  But I guess it's like riding a bike, it comes back to you.   So after taking a really good look at the jeans, I knew exactly what to do.   And I did it!   And even better, it worked!!   It worked so well, that I altered all my jeans!!!

So, for $0.00 I have 'new' jeans and they look much better on me now than they did before the alterations.   Why I didn't try this before is beyond me.   But I sure am glad I tackled it today!

What do you bring when you fly?   We usually only bring on one piece of carryon luggage each.   Once my laptop, camera and other electronic 'stuff' including plugs and adapters, as well as some type of craft with supplies (I usually limit it to one craft plus my drawing supplies) is packed, there is not much space for clothes.   Thus, a couple pairs of jeans and a three or four tops are about all that I bring.    

I used to bring tons of clothes, along with the rest of the stuff.   But finally I wised up and realized that no matter what I brought, I usually only wore a couple outfits - mainly jeans.   So now I bring my jeans and include some type of dressier top to go with them.   Of course, if I know that there is a more formal event to attend, I will bring a dressy pantsuit, but normally, just the jeans.   

What can I say, at my age comfort far outweighs just about everything else.  My question for myself is why did it take so long?   Oh well... 

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