Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Remember this...?
And this...?
And this...?

Well, the furniture may be in the same place, but the rest of the stuff isn't!!!!   Actually, all of the 'stuff' is on the floor, in the guest bedroom, in the hallway in various stages of sorting...   In other words, I am trying to re-organize my studio/office.   Right now it looks like a tornado went through it.   The condition it is in, the tornado probably would have taken a look at it and left saying that the damage was already done!!!!

And so what did I do instead of working in the studio...I read a book....The Winding Ways Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini.   One of the Elm Creek Quilts Novels which I adore.   And as normal, once I began, I could not put it down.   Are any of you like that?   I get so wound up in a novel that I find it hard to put down and wind up reading it straight through.  

So when I finally came up for air, I realized that the evening news was already done and I hadn't accomplished anything in the studio this afternoon.   Oh!Oh!   Not a good thing.   I wanted to get this done today so I could work on the patio tomorrow...it is the only day this week without rain in the  forecast.   Guess that will wait for a few more days.    

And it is already June...I mean, it really is June.  I was going to change themes, but because of our trip and other things like the car accident and having to find a new car, I didn't get things posted that I wanted to.   So I am going to continue with the basket theme for this month and move to butterflies next month.   Hope that's okay with you.

So, for Tuesday's Journal Prompt I want you to think about things that don't go the way you had planned, but that in the end turned out not to be bad or may even have been better.   Little things like  'reading a book instead of cleaning your studio' type things.    

So how was that better for me...I loved the book and enjoyed reading it AND I was rested instead of frustrated by trying to work on my studio.  Best of all, I am looking around right now and can easily see how I want things to work...something I did not see earlier today.   So put one of those little experiences in your 'journal basket' and have fun with it.

Thanks for stopping by...