Friday, June 21, 2013

Back to 'Paper Pushing'

Today was back to 'wading knee-deep' in papers and pictures once again.   But not until after I did the laundry.   It was a perfect day for hanging clothes out to dry...sunny (although, I must confess that there were some raindrops sprinkling about around mid-morning), breezy and warm. 

I am caught up with the ICAD challenge.   Here are my latest three...

And how did you spend the first day of summer?    Hopefully, it was a pleasant, satisfying day for you.   Do you have a special plans for this summer?   Perhaps finishing a project, or reading the latest novel by your favorite author, maybe even a vacation with the family.   I hope all goes well

And what are you doing this weekend?    Be sure to take special notice of the moon.   This weekend is the only one for the year with a supermoon.   In other words, the moon will appear larger that at any other time and the 23rd is the full moon so check it out.   I will be taking a picture or two.  

I remember big harvest moons when I was growing up.   The moon was so large and so orange it was breathtaking.   I hope it's that way this weekend.

My weekend plans?   Finishing the paper portion of the sorting.   And then maybe reading a mystery.   Mysteries are my favorite types of fiction books.   I especially like Laura Child's Tea Shop Series set in Charleston. 

Thanks for taking a few minutes here...

See you Monday and be sure to check out the moon...