Wednesday, September 16, 2015


You know the saying...'the best laid plans...'   Well, my Wednesday was sort of like that.   It began a bit fast, slowed down, had some disappointing experiences, etc., etc., etc.

I really wasn't feeling too good this morning but decided that I wanted to try a new arrangement in the living room because of the ottoman/footstool.  

If you remember, yesterday I decided that sitting in the wingback chair with the 'new to me' ottoman was so comfortable that I wanted both chairs to's really big.  Chip and Dale can curl up on it and have room to spare!

And, of course, that entailed vacuuming...I can't believe how much these cats shed!   At any rate, here are pictures of the new arrangement...

By the way, the white thing next to the wingback chair in the bottom photo is my portable air conditioner unit.   I took these photos at night with very little light which is why the place looks so dark.  

Now, I can watch tv sitting in the wingback chair on the right and read using the reading light in the wingback chair on the left.   And both chairs can use the ottoman.

Next a conference call with great friends.   Finally, working on some finance problems.   Then, I got the smart (???) idea to cut and color my hair.   Yes, folks, I still use my Flobee and it's great.  

But, I haven't liked the color of my haircolor.   It keeps on changing - getting lighter and lighter.   So I wanted to go a bit darker...not dark, mind you.   Just a bit darker.   Well, it's a pretty dark blond.   Wow was I surprised.   Kind of disappointed but so what, it'll grow out.

Actually, I tried a new product and for the first time it colored the gray completely.   Is that a good thing?   I don't know.   I haven't gotten use to the new hair color yet.   I'll let you know later!!!

I wanted to show you a picture of the winter scene with some of the houses and trees machine appliqued...

You can see the difference in the buildings that have been appliqued using a black satin stitch and those that are not appliqued.   I really like the applique.   When I finish with the houses and the trees, I will add some people and then have fun quilting and adding more details.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit hotter so if I want to get out to exercise, it will have to be early. My plan basically includes working on the winter scene and maybe make some small Eye Candy Quilts.
Hope you had a great day today...

Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...