Thursday, September 24, 2015


Best laid plans and all that once again intervened.   It all began when I wanted to print out my ticket for the Quilter's Take Manhattan Event this weekend.  I had picked up some new ink.   So, I took out the old ink and put in the new ink.

Well, the color ink printed but not the black ink.   Figuring it was a bad cartridge, I went back to the store and they gave me a new black ink cartridge.   Home again.   Inserted the ink into the printer.   Still would not print black ink.

Hmmm.   This is not good.   So, I googled the problem.   Unfortunately, a lot of people have had the same problem.   I tried all the suggestions.   Nothing worked.   Color printed, not black EXCEPT when printing the page to check things out.  I tried printing directly - hooking the computer up directly to the printer.   I tried wi-fi printing.   Nothing worked.

Several hours later with no results, I took a break.   Finally went back the computer and removed all the printers and reinstalled my printer. No luck!!!

I was using my phone to check things out and thought, I wonder if it would print from my phone? So, I tried it.   It worked!!!

Well, I have my tickets but am no closer to figuring out the problem but at least I now think it is in the software.   Next week I'll take a look at reinstalling drivers...or maybe there are new ones available.  

And it's now the second half of the football game and I am tired and tomorrow I need to be ready to tackle the least the workshop with Jamie Fingel.

Thanks for listening...
Talk to you tomorrow...