Monday, November 9, 2015


Actually, I thought I would be done by today...but life intervened once again and I was very busy doing other things. I am close to being done, though.  

I still need to work on the walls.  You know, take down some of the fabric hangers and put up pictures.  And figure out where to put a few other things - like my bike. 

But some things came together.  My studio is going to be great to work in. And I have plenty of free space in the bedroom to do my exercises.  

And another plus is my clothes washing. I  can use the portable washer and the spin dryer.  There's room on the counter for each of them.  And I have my folding clothes rack.  That will save on the cost of using the washer/dryer.  

Unless life intervenes again, I will be posting pictures tomorrow.  Thanks for dropping by.  Talk to you tomorrow.