Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Well, December is about halfway over...already?   Yes, already!   Wow, it does go fast at times.   One thing I have noticed is the January offers are beginning to appear on the blogs I follow.

For instance...
Courtney Carver at the Be More With Less blog is once again offering Project 333.   Basically, dressing with 33 items (or less) for 3 months.   It's a good way to clean out your closet of clothes that don't fit or you never wear.   Why not donate them so someone else can.   Also, by keeping only items that fit and that you feel good in and like dressing is much easier.  If you're interested, check it out.

Case in point:  I have this beautiful tailored jacket that I just love.   I have worn it many times but it still looks brand new.   The problem is that it no longer fits...I have lost weight (yeah!!!).   But I am having a hard time donating it.   One reason is that I have never spent that much money on one item of clothing for myself.   But after ten years of wearing and it is still in style and looks great, it was worth it.   I thought about altering it but I don't think it is possible.   So, I have finally decided to donate it and let someone else have the enjoyment of wearing it. Now I won't grab it, put it on and realize that it no longer looks good on me because the size is wrong.

How about the January Money Diet.   Over at  Happy Simple Living:  The Art of Less they are gearing up for another January Money Diet and inviting everyone to join them.   A lot of the comments from previous years are very positive.   And let's face it, many of us do go overboard on the month's leading up to the holidays.   Maybe this is a way to get back on track financially.

Are you into Setting Goals for next year?  Jessica Rodarte has written a four part series on setting goals including:   1.  Overarching Goals, Projects, Resolutions; 2. Get Specific//Set Monthly Goals; 3.  Weekly and Daily Goals; 4. Reward Yourself.

I do set goals...remember how we worked through some September goals which is the beginning of the year for me (and for lots of other folks with children).   (Note:   I'll check back on how I did with those goals later this month.)  I think, though that I will revamp and reset goals after the holiday.   And rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll check with Jessica's goal setting ideas first.

Back to the present...how are your holiday plans going?   I am happy to report that I have finished shopping and wrapping my presents and they are ready to be shipped or given out.   Ten days until Christmas...this is early for me!!!   So, the house is decorated, the presents taken care of...that leaves baking, cards (I only sent to a few folks) and enjoying the seasonal events in the city.

Hope things are going that well for you...and that you are enjoying the moments whether harried or relaxed.

I realized today that it all really does go much too swiftly.  Gone are the kids coming down to see what Santa brought, the large holiday meals with extended family, the visits to see grandma and grandpa (I'm now grandma and, sadly, grandpa has left this world.)   So, today, as I finished wrapping, I enjoyed thinking about all those memories.

But, that doesn't mean that life is over.   Not by a long shot.  Now, my children are grown and I will celebrate with a couple of them.   And I enjoy seeing and shopping for my grandchildren.   Dinners may be smaller, but there are also meals out with friends.

I guess what I'm trying to say is to enjoy and be present to every moment including those times with your memories.   Life is precious.   Life is a gift.   So smile...and have fun.

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Talk to you tomorrow...