Thursday, December 10, 2015


Today was a busy day.   I left around 8am - the car was parked on the side of the street that needed to be moved - with very little gas - under 40 miles.   So did I go to a gas station?   No, I went shopping. But the places I went were very close...actually, one exit away on the Belt Parkway.

The good news was that the stores were empty...EMPTY.   I finished the shopping completely.   Whew...does that feel good.   Now I will be able to get all the packages off on Monday as I wanted.   Oh, and on the way back, I did stop at a gas station to fill up the car before parking it.

After that, I stopped into the apartment, checked on the boys and the birds, then took off to the subway to get up to the Bronx in time for lunch.   Today, the trains ran beautifully.   No waiting.   Express trains at the ready.   Now that's a trip I love to make.

Tomorrow afternoon, Macy's and maybe a few other places.

Lunch today was smoked ribs and homemade mac and cheese.
Now, I am not a mac and cheese fan but this was absolutely delicious.   Of course, the ribs were smoked perfectly.   And I have to remind you that everything is made from scratch at the restaurant.

A couple more pictures from my apartment.   I love my big Santa Clause.  It's a Fitz and Floyd that we purchased from Macy's after Christmas for 50% off.   

And here are my Snowman, Nutcracker and Santa by Jim Shore (along with a few other snowmen)...

I think I finally have a picture that works for my tree...not great, but it gives you an idea.

So, my home is decorated completely.   My presents are purchased.   Next, baking...but I think that will wait until next week.

Next week, I have some things that I want to share about Christmas, gratitude, believing, relationships and more.  As well as some pictures of places I will be visiting.   

Thanks for stopping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...