Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Yes, I am all for decluttering.   And as I said yesterday, I am still in the process of sharing items I no longer want with, generally a Thrift Store.  After Christmas, some of the items that I have up now will be donated, not all, just some.

But, all that said, there are things that I am holding on to...thus the bells...

I love these bells.   The set came with four cassettes each with around 20 songs...mostly Christmas.   Well, they haven't worked for probably six years, but I kept them, dragging them from place to place because I loved to listen to them...much to the dismay of my family.   I guess you have to acquire a certain 'ear' to listen to bells.

Anyway, this was the final year.   Either I got them to work, or I would give them away...actually, I was going to discard them.   If I couldn't get them to work, I wasn't going to give someone else the headache.

I have spent about eleven hours on and off working with them for the past couple of weeks.   Taking each bell apart and resetting the ringer.   Guess what?   THEY WORK.

Usually I hang them up among a garland.   As I have no garland up this year and they sound so nice hanging from a curtain rod attached to my easel, I am going to keep them there throughout the season.

Now that they work, they will be in the 'keep' pile for several more years.

I guess one of things that I am pointing out is if and when you decide you want to declutter your home, don't get rid of things you really like just to declutter.   Keep those things that are dear to you for whatever reason.  

The idea is not to get rid of everything to have a sterile environment.   The idea is to have a place where you can really appreciate those things you love whether there are two, ten or several dozen.   Each of us has to find that place that works for us.

Two days to Christmas.   At least one of my sons is shopping right now...nothing like waiting til the last minute.   I would loooove to be out and about just enjoying the crowds, but as I am still recovering from a cold, I think staying home is the best bet.  

But, I do have to pick up some things at the grocery be exact four.   So I will be either doing that later today or early tomorrow morning.

Lefsa and krumkaka are next...

Hope your are enjoying yourself...
Talk to you tomorrow...
(Don't forget the Bowl games, that is, if you like football!)