Friday, February 19, 2016


Wow!   I didn't realize it was almost 10PM.   Once I got home from today's adventures, I guess I let time just slip by.

I wanted to plug a restaurant that I ate at yesterday called B & B Fish and Clams. It's located in Amityville, New York at 179 Merrick Road.   It's in a small strip plaza.  

Let me tell you, I have eaten at a lot of great seafood restaurants including well-known ones.   This was the best one ever.   The seafood was absolutely heavenly.   I had the fried seafood platter.   The coating was delicate, not heavy nor greasy.  And everything was fresh.   A lot of times, I don't enjoy the fillet that comes with a seafood platter but this one was absolutely wonderful.

The cost was very reasonable, actually cheaper than most other seafood places I have been to.   The place is small and includes a deli.   But it filled up fast when I was there with a lot of regulars.  If you're in the area, give it a try.   You won't be disappointed.

I have a couple more tags.   I got out my gel pens and used them.   The first tag is on a black acrylic painted background and second tag is on a stamped background...

While out today, I walked into Barnes and Noble to check out magazines.   Not finding any new ones, I went up to the fabric craft area and found a most wonderful book...

The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting by Linda Seward.  I was mesmerized by the sheer abundance of ideas in it.   1000 plus step-by-step illustrations!   A lot of them I never thought about applying to fabric.   I am going to have fun with this book and it will definitely be one that stays in my library.

For lunch I stopped by King Falafel on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn and sampled a spinach pie and an order of falafels with a yogurt sauce.   Wonderful!   And they even make Kibbeh Balls which is a great treat for me at Easter.  

I was really happy to find out that they were on Seamless - a food ordering app.   Guess I am becoming a true New Yorker.   Even though I picked up some new to me dishes, my main go-to ones are little white boxes with metal handles!!!!

I walked a lot today and found out something.   My two walking/exercising counters do not agree!!! I guess I will take the true measurement as halfway between them.

Tomorrow's forecast is for a high of 57...that means that I will be out and about once again...lots of plans.   How's your weekend shaping up?   I hope it includes lots of things that you want to do.

Until Monday...
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