Friday, March 11, 2016


Today was really busy.   Up and out early to move Lady J.   When I left there were several cars still parked on the Friday side and when I finally got back I noticed that all of those cars had tickets tucked under their wipers.   A cool $115 or more right out the window!!!

It wasn't as warm as yesterday...more like the high 60's.   Still beautiful.   One thing I have been watching for is buds.   On trees.   On bushes.   Etc.   I haven't seen any yet even in the yards with lots of sun exposure.  

I also haven't seen any early flowers popping up around here.   Have to get to Central Park to see if things are further along there.  I have heard lots of birds and they sound beautiful...that is if I can hear them over Linus and Lucy!!

So, tomorrow morning I will be traveling to Pennsylvania...Allentown to be exact.   It will be interesting to see if things are budding out there.   I am bringing my camera, so I hope so.

Sunday is also looking like a very busy day but everything is in New York City so no traveling outside of the city.

I think I will have to wait until Monday before I can relax...

So do you have great plans this weekend?
I hope they pan out for you.

Thanks for dropping in...
Talk to you on Monday...
(After I relax!!!)