Friday, January 13, 2017



It's was downright hot yesterday!! At least hot for a winter day...mid 60's. Folks were out and about in t-shirts and shorts. The trip to the Bronx for lunch was quite interesting. There was an incident somewhere in upper Manhattan on the east side that involved the tracks. Commuting was the pits...a 3 hour trip just to get there.

But on the way back, I stopped at Union Square and walked around for several hours people watching and enjoying the warm weather. I ended up in Barnes and Noble to look around and spend one of the gift cards that I received at Christmas.  Lots of fun. By the time I got back home, though, it was very late.


1.  My first weekend wonder is my workshop tomorrow at Empire's Quilt Guild on Happy Villages. I finished preparing for it today. Another adventure at the guild tomorrow will be the 'reveals' of the Round Robins. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's creations. And I will take photos to share.

2.  Of course, there will be football games both Saturday and Sunday. I will miss at least one of them but I will enjoy the other three...go Packers. (Well, yes, I am a Vikings Fan but if not the Vikings, I will cheer for the Packers.!)

3.  I want to make the design wall that I talked about earlier this week. I have some design ideas that I want to try out and auditioning them on the design wall will save time...and possibly present even more ideas.

4.  When I was out yesterday, I purchased four new magazines and I am looking forward to spending time with a good cup of coffee or tea and read them.

Very low key weekend, I know. How about you? Do you have any adventures lined up? I hope you do and that you enjoy them...

Thanks for dropping in...
Talk to you on Monday...