Friday, February 3, 2017


I just love this photo of a single flower. I can almost smell the sweet fragrance. Back in the dark ages, when I got married, my husband to be and I picked a ton of these flowers (with permission) to decorate the church. It was a very hands-on, do-it-ourselves wedding! (And the marriage lasted for almost 44 years before my husband died.)


So there's one major weekend wonder...that's right...the last football game of the season...the SuperBowl. I will be watching. As a matter of fact several of us will be watching. Thus, I need to polish off some of my culinary skills.

I am planning to make buffalo wings, sliders, twice baked potatoes and salad for the main entrees. For snacks I have several cheeses, homemade specialty popcorn, homemade crackers and finally homemade cookies. I think that will be enough. Hopefully, there may be some leftovers.

I have no stake in the game although I wouldn't mind seeing the Patriots lose. I just hope it's a good game.

Other then the game, I want to finish up the small notebooks. I ran into a bit of a problem with the pages staying secure, but I have figured out a way to handle that situation. I also want to decorate the covers a bit more. The corner caps did not work out so I am looking for another way to finish off the corners. The velcro dots work nicely. 

I am hoping to finally figure out what to add to the round robin. Still no ideas. Right now it's front and center on my design wall.

And finally, my next workshop for the guild is using snippets. I picked up a large roll of Heat Bond so I need to begin bonding the fabric that the participants will be using. At first I was going to simply get many pieces ready and let everyone just choose what to use. I have now decided that I will put together packages for each participant. That way everyone will have the opportunity to use all the pieces.

I hope you have a great weekend...
Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you on Monday...