Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Music is the mathematics of the senses
Mathematics is the music of reason

The second part of that phrase is a quote from J.J.Sylvester but I'm not the sure about the first part. I heard it on a Star Talk Podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson.  When I looked at the photo of this tree with it's symmetry, the quote seemed to fit. Music, senses and reason held together by mathematics.
By the way, the photograph was taken at Harriman Park.


I confess that I haven't really used my fabric scraps very much even though a lot of my creations use very small pieces.  Some of the scraps were in a box, some in ziplock bags, some in paper bags. So, I decided to put them in a large container with easy access...a basket.

The first basket I chose to use was one I picked up at a small town fair in Utah. It was made by women in Africa...

I love the basket but it simply didn't work...too deep. The only other large basket I had contained magazines.

Well, you can guess what I did. The above basket became my magazine container...

And the basket that formerly held my magazines became my fabric scraps container...

I want to enter the 'Threads of Resistance' quilt show being held at the New England Quilt Museum and as the sizes called for are relatively small, I figured that my scraps may come in handy. There are many themes to draw from but I decided to focus on Freedom of the Press. With that in mind, I am planning on using fabric backed newspaper.


I am trying to get my home in order, a good cleaning, finishing up a few projects, placing heavy things where I can access them easily without lifting because my lift limits will be very strict after my surgery.  One of the projects was to put a piece of wood under my microwave which is sitting on a wire rack. I cut the wood and painted it today. Looks good and gives me room on the rest of the rack because prior to cutting, the wood piece was the length of the entire rack but not as wide.

The weather today was beautiful, warm with rain. Tomorrow lots of wind and Friday, snow even with mid 40's temperatures!!! I have given up trying to understand this weather.

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Talk to you tomorrow...