Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Celebrate Each Day
Enjoying Fleeting Moments
As they Fly Away

So this morning was the last of the Learn Something New set of prompts.  And as expected it suggested that we look back over the month to see what catches our eye...well, that and how to end it with a short summation as well as creating a cover, etc.  These were mixed media prompts but I used them only for my morning pages' writings.

But, as I was looking back over the past 30 writings, it was hard to settle on one thing because so many caught my eye.  So instead I chose to settle on this being the last prompt.  The end.  There will be no more this year.

How did I feel about that?  Well, instead of looking at it as a done deal.   In other words, that's it.  I realized that I was looking at it not as an ending but as a new beginning.  Yes, Learn Something New was done.  But now it was time to start anew.  

I don't know about you, but I do like new beginnings.  I think that's why folks are so optimistic at certain times of the year like New Year's Day, or January, or even September when summer ends and school begins.

So what does my new beginning, my new start, look like?  To be honest, I am not sure...but I am looking at a new way to approach my morning pages.  For instance, creating a prompt the day before to use as a jumping off point for my morning pages.

Another thing is that I want to schedule time to create with abandonment.  (I wrote about that in yesterday's blog post.)  That prompt did open my eyes when I realized that all my creations were done with some type of purpose.  How did I lose that sense of creating just for the sake of creating?

When I was a child, I remember playing in the snow, pretending I was riding my imaginary horse up one mountain and done another.  Thinking back to those moments I remember how free I felt and how much fun I had even though I was cold and wet.  I not only want, but need, to recapture those feelings in my life now.

Life is short and it would be a shame if I could not feel that freedom and just plain fun that I enjoyed as a child again.  So I am off to create those moments in my life again.  To put aside, even for a bit, the grown-up concerns, responsibilities and worries and just be.

Thanks for stopping by...
Talk with you tomorrow...
Think of one day in your life
when all the stars lined up 
perfectly.  How did you feel?