Friday, May 1, 2020


The rain today was very heavy...but, the skies have cleared and the sun came out late afternoon.  It was wonderful seeing the sunshine even for a little while.

I realized that it is Friday and the last time I posted was Monday...can't believe that I missed so many days but the guild is taking even more time. 

Right now I am attempting to put together a meeting online that includes not only announcements, but presentations of techniques, and some show & tell, and lots of other things.  It's taking longer to get everything together. 

For instance, I am going to do a presentation of one of my Focus Workshops but I need to make the stepouts or examples of what each step looks like as well as easy instructions for each step that folks can download.  Sounds simple and it is but it is also very time consuming.

Anyway, that's why I haven't been posting...that and with the rainy, cold, windy weather my allergies are acting up leaving me with little energy as well as eyes that are uncomfortable from all the pollen.

I went for a drive this afternoon and could not believe how everything is blooming...trees are full of leaves, forsythia has turned green, grass is's absolutely if only it would warm up!!!

Well, that's all for this week...
I promise to blog more next week...
Keep safe and stay well...