Thursday, August 20, 2020


So what exactly is fabric paper or paper fabric? Well, it's simply paper that has been glued to fabric. There is no one right way to make this...some folks put one layer of paper on a piece of fabric, others put several layers. Some folks use watered down glue, other straight from the bottle (Note: Paper stays straighter with glue and no water.) I like to use one or possibly two layers and then have a final layer of thin white tissue paper and watered down glue. 

You need very little to make this: Paper, fabric, cling wrap, glue, big brush and container if watering down. For the glue, I use tacky glue. A lot of crafters like to use Modge Podge. I do like Modge Podge but find that sometimes it never completely dries and remains sticky to the touch. 


For the cloth, you can use anything you want. Muslin is what many folks use. I use scraps of fabric that I do not care for. For protection I suggest using cling wrap. Freezer paper can be used, but when removing the dry fabric, sometimes the paper sticks to the back. 

To begin, tape down the cling wrap, place the fabric on the cling wrap and satuate with watered down glue. 

Begin placing paper piecing down, saturating it also. I also like to have torn edges rather than cut edges. As far as paper is concerned, I stay away from very thick paper such as cardstock. Wrapping paper, craft tissue paper, magazine pages, book pages, etc work well. When I have finished with the layer of paper, I use an additional layer of white tissue paper over the entire project. 

This is what my finished piece looks like.  The white dots are the sparkles embedded in the white tissue paper.  Because i only have one layer plus the tissue paper layer, it is very flexible and it dried in 24 hours.

So what does one do with paper fabric. Well, if you make books or journals, it will make a very sturdy cover. I have also used paper fabric in wall art, for bookmarks and handmade cards. 

You can decorate with a sewing machine including quilting. The fabric on the back lessens the possibility of the paper tearing. 

Even if you never use fabric paper, it is fun to make, so give it a try and enjoy playing. 

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