Tuesday, October 20, 2020



I drove into Yonkers today and the weather was pretty miserable...extreme fog, misty rain, and heavily clouded.

On the way home though, the fog was still around the river and the sky was fairly cloudy, but the sun did peak through and the colors were stunning.

Of course, there's no place on the parkway to stop and take pictures except at the top, but the fog was so bad, that all I would get would be fuzzy white stuff!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get out and take a short trip and get some photos.  

I am now going through 14 shoe-size boxes of fabric to see how big each piece is.  I was hoping they were all fat quarters or fat eighths, but, no luck there.  I am going to have to measure each piece to see how big they are...make that how small they are!

Going to be a while for this little project!!!

Hope all is going well with you...

Talk with you tomorrow...