Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Stained Glass Fabric Project

Well, we had a great guild meeting this evening.  Someone from The Linus Project shared information about the program and the members had a great discussion about future opportunities for the guild.

Today was in the 50's.  As a matter of fact, at 11:30pm it is still 46 degrees.  A great deal of snow has melted and over the next few days it should be almost gone because the temps are in the high 40's.

I have been working on a craft project for the next guild newsletter.  It's a fabric stained glass design.

First I made a pattern.  I still want to add more around the edges but this is the beginning of the project. 

I have chosen three fabrics to use so far but I know there were be more additions.  I'm going to be using adhesive backed fabric.

And this is what the pattern looks like in fabric.  It's on a piece of black construction paper not the black fabric background I will be using...

That's all for today...

Talk with you tomorrow...