Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Believe it or not, but it was warm enough to have the doors and windows open to get some fresh air.  Not much rain, but we have lost a lot of snow.  It's sloshy to walk in with all the melting.  Probably freeze tonight but then with the highs in the 50's again tomorrow, more melting.

The week looks like mostly warmer temperatures - high 30's but mostly 40's and a 50 or two.  Less rain means less flooding of all the little rivers and streams that surround the area.

I have had the cable news on less...it's actually on but muted and every once in a while I look up and if the crawl is of interest, I take it off mute and listen.  I was reading an article about 'unplugging' from all the electronic gadgets.  Well, I still do a lot of stuff (like now) on the computer, but I am taking down the background noise, playing fewer games and concentrating more on what I need to get done.

And I still try to get three things in each day besides my exercises!  First, I spend 20 minutes in meditation.  I do use my phone for this because it has an app that really works for me.  Second, I spend time each day reading offline.  Today, I read three articles (again, offline).  And, third, I do some type of artwork everyday.  Yesterday I worked on my crazy quilt block with an extreme amount of embellishments as well as my zendoodles.  I try and do one a day.

It's interesting to me how much I do online...so much so, that being offline and unplugging is almost alien to my daily life.  Wonder what my grandma would think about Zoom meetings, or Facetime rather than sitting down together over a cup of tea?   We've gone all in on these things kind of like the frog in warm water...the more we do, the warmer the water gets.   In our case, tho, we will not end up like the frog, but if we don't watch it, our electronic gadgets will take over our lives completely.

I suggest that you try to unplug a bit each day.   If for nothing else, a little exercise...

Talk with you tomorrow...

And thanks for stopping by...