Monday, June 14, 2021

Duchess and Rain - Not Great...

I woke up to the threat of rain this morning which I was not expecting until this afternoon.  But I managed to crawl under Duchess and get all the rest of the things done under there that are needed.

I bought a battery powered generator for the trip.  It was a small one but I wanted it in case I needed it while boondocking.  Wound up spending a bit more because I decided that a pure sine wave was much better for the electronic gadgets (i.e. phone, laptop, sewing machine, etc) than a modified sine wave.  Still and all, it is small.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow again so I won't be able to work on sealing Duchess' roof.  But that ladder came today...a retractable 12 1/2 foot one that should easily get me to the roof.

I am taking a short trip this week to visit my daughter in Columbia, Maryland.  I will be able to see her new house for the first time...and am I looking forward to that as well as seeing her and the rest of the family.

That's all for now...