Monday, June 7, 2021

Heat & A Small Leak...

Let me tell you, these last three days of 90 plus degrees really wore me down.  By late afternoon I feel like an overcooked piece of strength...not even any desire to do anything.

But the weather is supposed to be cooler over the next ten or so days...three days in the mid 80's then mid 70's.  Now that's my kind of weather.

And it rained this a matter of fact, it's suppose to rain for days again.

I did work on the the heat this morning...basically the pipes to discharge the grey water.  I think I have them sealed up but I will be putting a bit more flex sealer on in a couple days...well after the rain stops.

I did, unfortunately, find that there is still a leak in the roof.  No, water is not streaming into the trailer, but a tiny bit is coming in between the walls.  I went to find a ladder and the right sealant luck with either even though I went to several places.  So I ordered them on line.  

a 12& 1/2 foot retractable adder and the right sealant for a trailer.  No, I do not have a ladder.  This one will find nicely in my truck bed, though, so that's a plus.

With the rain forecast, I won't be able to work on it for several days.  But once that is done, then the only thing left is getting the batteries and filling up the propane tanks.  The inside is done, so I should be ready to leave at the end of June!!!

That's all for today...