Friday, September 17, 2021


A flower from the Little Jerusalem Badlands State was very hot and dry!

Well, another day of dark clouds and rain...I'm waiting for the web feet to begin growing!!!  So much water and wetness.  And my arthritis, oh my goodness, I have aches in places that I didn't know existed!

I did do some shopping today, mostly necessary needs like toilet paper and food.  But I stopped by Barnes and Noble and was rewarded with the latest issues of two magazines...Quilting Arts and Art Quilting Studio.  I will enjoy reading these this weekend.

I remember when the woman's magazines would not only show you how to decorate for a season but also give lots of how-to ideas and instructions.  All I see is gorgeous homes with fantastic layouts, ideas for party decorating and recipes.  

When my kids were small, you could tell how the economy was doing by the woman's magazines, especially the holiday issues.  If things were good, there were list of presents to purchase.  If things weren't so good, there were instructions to make presents.  Wish I had kept more of those ideas although I do have four binders of the ideas I cut out of magazines.

I have also downloaded two Laura Childs books from the library to enjoy.  To be honest, I do not think I will do much this weekend but read, enjoy football (both college and professional) and relax.  I haven't actually spend a whole weekend relaxing and I am looking forward to it.

So what do you have planned?  Take some time out for yourself...

Talk to you on Monday...