Monday, November 29, 2021

Snow & SnowWhite...

Woke up to our first snow of the season.  Not much and it didn't last very long...but snow it was!  The ground is covered with yellow leaves.  And with all the melted snow, they are wet and going uphill one can lose a bit of traction...even in a truck!

So our Thanksgiving Celebrations were wonderful with family on both days - Thursday and Friday.  Saturday was devoted to lots of errands most of which were unsuccessful...Sunday was football and rest day.

Today I went to body shop to find out what to do with the boulder related problems on SnowWhite.  I need to replace the running board on the passenger side.  Now, if it is was the driver's side the runner would cost about $250.  But the passenger's side cost over $600.  Same running board...must be made out of gold.  Anyway, the suggestion was to go home and order one from an after-market place, bring it back and they would put it on.  So far I have found several for around $250.  

As for the small missing part on the rear bottom edge of the frame around the door (about 1 inch square) which was matter what I wind up doing, it can't be done until spring.  But they did find a lot of rust and because of the age of the truck, were not too sure that anything should be done because it would be very expensive probably would not stay rust free.  But they could fix the small missing part, again, not until spring.  So goes life with SnowWhite!

I made a small runner out of Christmas 3 inch square packet of fabric...

It's kind of cute.  I could have easily quilted in the ditch but decided to tie it instead at all the corners and in the middle of each square.  Just a little something to help get in the Christmas Spirit.  

Tomorrow - packing away the fall things first and then all the everyday things that will be replaced by Christmas decorations.  And these things will stay packed until we move.  Trying to get an early start on packing!

That's all for with you tomorrow...(Oh, and the 25 days of Christmas Crafts are all planned and ready to begin on Wednesday!)