Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saga of the Glasses

Have you ever lost a pair of glasses?   Well, I did!   Last Friday!   I was about to go out the door on some errands when I realized that I had my 'organ' glasses on.   (These were the glasses I specifically ordered so that I could easily read the music when I played the organ.  In other words, not for distance.)

So up to the room to change glasses.   Now, I thought that I left my 'organ' glasses in their case in the room, but what I really did was to put them in the pocket of my jacket!!!   And from that pocket, they apparently fell.   And I only got out of the car in one place...the Shaw's parking lot in Falmouth, Maine.

So on Saturday, I called a couple stores in the shopping center...no glasses.   On Monday, I drove to Falmouth and went into each store/business to see if someone had turned in the glasses...nope.   The only other thing to do was to get another set which meant a new exam.

Finally found an optician who took walk-ins but the store his office was next too could not guarantee delivery before I leave!!!   Next off to find a store that could.   Finally found one and I am now the proud owner of a new pair of 'organ' glasses.   Why is this important to you...guess what, I also needed them for working on the computer.    A long story to tell you why I didn't post yesterday.

I have finished the two journals for the altered journal swap.   The last time I posted about this I showed the background work I did, so these are the follow up pictures.   The first set are the back of the journal, the second are the fronts with half the decorations and the third set are the final journals.

You know, the pictures really do not do the journals justice...they are much prettier in person.   Have to work on my photography!!!

Work on reorganizing the trailer is coming along.   I found a great desk chair.   It is fully padded with cloth upholstery, not leather, and it reclines!!!   Even better, it fit through the door.   Only one more thing to buy - the recliner.

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