Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Really Nice Day

This was a really nice day spent with family, talking and catching up with everyone.   Let me tell you, watching my children grow into adults is a wonderful joy. 

I think spending time with family really is important.   Some of us live close and see them frequently.  Others are more spread out and see each other infrequently.   I've found that keeping in touch, even briefly, through face-time, Facebook, texting or calling keeps the bonds strong.

Some of my friends have refused to join the tech age and I think that is their loss.   Why deprive yourself of contact when it is so easily accomplished.   And I don't care what anyone thinks...old dogs can and do learn new tricks.

Well, remember my gigantic assignment last year with an impossible deadline.   I have it again.   But this time, especially when the information came a month later, I have decided to finish it piecemeal.   Yes, they will have each assignment by the last deadline, but not much sooner.   I have other commitments and I intend to keep those as a priority also.

And now to my dilemma...I have to decide where to live.   The coast of Maine or the New York City area.   Unfortunately, I love them both...equally.   Rents have increased over the past year and a half so having a place in both areas is out of the question.  And, I do not want to get rid of my trailer, so I have to take that into consideration.

As I am in the New York City area right now, I'm going to take a look around.   I think one of my frustrations is that if I'm going to live in NYC, I really want to live in the city and not in an outlying area but then I have to come up with a place to store the trailer.   And I really wanted to keep it close and use it as a craft room.  Decisions, decisions...maybe a door will open that will lead me to my destination.   What do you think?   Wishful thinking?   Stay-tuned.

By the way, I am in the process of taking an on-line class about blogging.   I have been redesigning my blog and hope to have the new design up and running in a month or two.   Also, I will be doing less travel and more crafts and journaling.  As much as I have enjoyed the travel, it will be nice to spend more time crafting.

I'll end tonight with a picture from CanyonLands National Park...

 Thanks for stopping by...

Enjoy your evening...