Wednesday, May 4, 2016


'Where are you going?'

I guess in my case I should say, 'Where am I going?'

Actually, I am not going anywhere, physically, that is...but the question remains...where am I going?

I think each of us asks that question several times throughout our lives.   Especially at those important life events like marriage or divorce, the advent of children, the death of a spouse, the loss of a job, empty nesters, retirement, illness...and the list goes on.

Right now I am asking that question of myself...where am I going?...with this blog.   I have been blogging for several years and enjoyed it very much.   So much so that I want to continue but in a different way.

First of all, you can probably see from my picture that I am not a spring chicken...I am 70 years old. An age that, in my youth, I would have rolled my eyes and thought 'Boy, are you over the hill!'  Now that I have reached this age, believe me, I. Am. Not. Over. The. Hill.

I am very much engaged in this life.  Although I am retired, I have enjoyed my time spent rv'ing around the country with Lady J and Duchess.   Right now, I am enjoying my adventures of visiting unique places in New York City.   And I love to write and craft.  I also like to visit the odd bar, especially during the football season and walk the neighborhoods of which there are many in this city of several million folks.

So, back to the blog.   There are tons of blogs for moms, for lifestyles especially of the younger generations, crafts and art, frugal and simple life, etc.   You know what's missing?  A blog for seniors that doesn't focus on senior living choices, care taking, dates (yes, there are plenty of senior dating sites), what to do with aging parents, illness, etc.

You see, there are plenty of places to find out information like that...but there aren't too many blogs that treat seniors as normal, regular people.  (Before anyone gets upset, yes there are some blogs out there, just not that many.)  It's as if the blogosphere thinks that being a senior is akin to having a disease.  May I shout...IT'S NOT!!!

So, I am thinking of changing direction a bit.   I still want to include my adventures in this city, and crafts that I am involved with, etc.   But, I want to add a bit of life on the senior side.   No, not the downfalls, but opportunities that one finds at this stage of life.

And, as I said, I love to write.   So one of the new segments I want to include is an ongoing fictional story about the everyday life of a group of quilters, all of whom are around my age.  

Another area that I want to explore is life's big questions.  You know, questions like, who am I?. why am I here?, what's my purpose?

When I considered these big questions a couple decades ago, my answers were definitely different than they will be now.   My situation was very different.  I was busy working, my husband was alive and also working, our family house was full to overflowing, etc., etc., etc.  

Now that life has changed, I can take my time leisurely considering these questions and how their answers affect my life.

I am still in the 'where am I going' stage with my blog changes so nothing is set in concrete.   If you have any suggestions, ideas, etc. I'd love to hear them.

Today was talk day for me with my friends.   And guess what?   Skype worked!!!   We could all see each other.

Tomorrow is lunch in the Bronx
Looks like rain but I won't melt unless it's pouring (and then I might!!!)

Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you later...