Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Summertime and the livin' is easy.   Remember that song from Porgy and Bess?  I have always loved that piece of music no matter who sang it.   It's one that stops me in my tracks and tells me to sit down and relax.

You know the one is going to wish they had kept a cleaner house or lived a busier life as they were dying.   Nope.   It just ain't so...

So my thought for this month of July...take it easy and enjoy the slower rhythm of life.   Let your mind wander, enjoy this time, be less busy.   Yes, of course, things have to be done.   Bills need to be paid, meals need to be made, work has to be attended to.   But, let those downtimes really be down times.

Be present with family, friends or just yourself.   Read that book you always wanted to read.   Dream those dreams you have thought about.   Forget the dust bunnies under the bed, they can survive a few more weeks.

Just plain relax and let the warmth of summer flow over you.

Well, that was interesting...this post just published itself.   The portion above, that is...

So I will shorten today's post and just say thanks for visiting...
I'll talk to you more tomorrow and let you know how this past week went...think busy.   No, think BUSY!!!