Thursday, July 7, 2016


Well, if you read my blog on an RSS reader like Feedly, you probably only got a portion of yesterday's blog.   It was published before I was finished.   At first I thought it published itself but then I realized that Dale walked over my computer, uninvited of course, and must have hit the right combination of keys to publish the post. I only added a couple more sentences and cut my post short.

See what I mean, turn around and Dale is sitting on a laptop!!!   Picture not great but you do get the idea...

The heat has arrived in New York City with temperatures of 79 at night.   Not really low enough to cool the apartment.   I only have a small air conditioner...enough for the bedroom.   I did move it to the living room today and it is not really cool but it isn't hot either.  

I will be getting a larger ac unit from one of my sons this weekend so I should be in good shape.   With the four fans I have going it is fairly comfortable.   Can't wait to see my electric bill next month!!

I don't know about you, but I don't do well in high heat especially with high humidity.   Not my thing at all.   It's funny, even though I drink a lot of water, I always seem to retain water on days like this.

So, July is the month that I really relax. And my monthly thought and weekly prompts reflect my feelings.  Somehow in August I seem to be able to gear up for fall.  Of course, the fact that football starts in August may contribute to that effect.

Yesterday, while in the Bronx I took a picture, (actually two), of a painted building.  It was a spot of bright color in an otherwise colorless area...

Do you like to take online craft classes?   If you do, you might want to check out Alisa Burke's blog. She offers a lot on online classes at very reasonable prices.  

Skillshare is also another site with a lot of online classes.   Some are free and some are premium which cost about $8/month.

I spotted a deer eating on one of the outings last week.   Obviously comfortable with people because it didn't run away and there were several folks taking photos.   The deer just looked at us and then kept on eating...

I took a few pictures of shapes last week...

The pictures were taken in this area


Well, that's about it for today.
Take it easy,
Enjoy life,
Talk to you later...