Monday, June 10, 2019


The weekend weather was beautiful...sunny, warm and no rain.  Today...well, it's cold and raining.  Yes, it's raining as I am writing this at 8:30pm.

So, this evening I went to the local quilt guild which I think I will join.  It will be a place that I can go and just enjoy myself without any responsibility!!!

While I was out this afternoon I did find some rosemary and dill for the garden.  I even got one more flat (18 plants) of impatiens for the the side garden...

After the nursery, I stopped at Goodwill to drop off donations.  I always check the books and today  I got lucky.  Three new paperback mysteries.  (The paperbacks are new but the titles are not.)  But, I haven't read any of them so I have more summer reading to enjoy!

Oh, and for the garden, I found ten more solar lights on sale for less than a buck a piece...

I am going to scatter these among the flower garden. 

So tomorrow providing the weather cooperates I hope to work in the garden.  My plan is to remove the cardboard from the flower garden because it hasn't totally disintegrated and add that to the cardboard cover in the fenced container garden area. 

Then I will plant the impatiens. I think I have 42 plants altogether.  And, as I have plenty of used copy paper I will it cover the soil around the plants (to keep the weeds down) and then cover the paper with mulch.  Once that is done, I will scatter the solar lights in the area.

On paper, it looks nice.  Hopefully it will turn out that way. 

I still have one more area that I want to work on.  Now that I think of it, I might use some the cardboard from the flower garden to cover this area which is a circle around a tree trunk edged with rocks.  Other than one very unique wild flower, it's basically weeds. 

I usually wait until the garden centers want to get rid of their garden flowers and pick up several at really cheap prices. So if I start now, by the time the flowers are cheap, I may have killed off most of the weeds.

Well, one thing at a time...

Here's today haiku...
Love brings excitement
Hope, laughter, joy and wonder
To life within you.

See you tomorrow...