Wednesday, September 23, 2020


The perfect color for leaves in the fall, I think.  Course, if all of them were this color, then they wouldn't show off quite as well.  

Getting closer to my day adventure of driving up to Bennington, Vermont to get my annual dose of Grandma Moses' paintings and the Dear Jane Quilt.

It's actually only 109 miles from here to there...not a lot, if you ask me.  And even taking the scenic route, The Taconic Highway, which meanders through the back roads, only takes about two and a half hours.

So, I promised you a picture of the quilt that went with the pillow/holder for the quilt.  Here it is...

I still don't think the picture does the quilt justice as it appears less vibrant than it really is...chalk that up to a very cloudy day!!!

But it fits very nicely in the pillow/holder...

If your state has early voting, either in-person or via absentee ballot, be sure to vote.  It's one of our civic duties that keeps our democracy going.  

Talk with you tomorrow...