Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shop Number One

Well, today was the first trip to visit fabric shops for Maine's Annual Shop Hop.  No, this is not a picture of a fabric shop.   This is a picture of one of my favorite seafood restaurants in southern Maine.   Seafood that is out of this world.   I had baked scallops and clam chowder...they were just fantastic!   Thank goodness we had to pass the restaurant on the way home!!!  Even better that we found it open!   (They do close for a few winter months!)

This was the first shop we visited...the Sanford Sewing Machine Co.  They were very, very nice and spent a lot of time explaining the unique qualities of several sewing machines.   I think I have found one that I would like to purchase, but it is a good deal more than the iPad which I also want to buy - decisions, decisions!!!

I knew I was going to have a problem spending money this month.   Just look at the fabric I purchased.  And even though these were only $2.00 a fat quarter, it does add up.   And this was only the first shop!!!

Oh well...I might as well just go ahead and enjoy it.   Thank goodness the shop hop only happens once a year.  On the plus side, I think I have spent far less than the $25 I had allotted myself most weeks.

I'm working on a new design for my blog and when I finally get it finished, I have lots and lots of things to share including Dumplin' the paper doll, and several little things that I have been making which are really, really cute.  I plan on not only posting the pictures, but also the instructions.

Thanks for visiting....