Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Basket Full of Flowers

Two more pictures of architectural details from our latest NYC trip.   I felt like a tourist whipping out my camera at a moments notice and snapping pictures.   Well, in all honesty, I guess now that we have moved away, technically, I am a tourist...tourist in residence?   No...resident turned tourist?  Yeah, that's a more apt description.  

Well, I was going to pick up some things like plants, dirt, cement blocks to fix up our patio today, but that went by the wayside once again.   First of all, it looks like we may have to take an emergency trip south due to the illness of a close family member.   And I don't want to put up the tent (that's why we need the cement blocks) only to have to take it down.   

Also, if I purchased plants and we left, with my luck, I would lose them all.   So, we put the patio off for the immediate future.   One good thing, when we do purchase them, they will all be on drastic sale which is fine with me.

It's not completely finished, once again life intervened.   It is mostly finished.   All I need to do is add a border and backing and do a little stitching.   But here it is...ta da...


It's really very easy to do.   First of all, it is small - about 12 inches square - so that keeps the supply list small.   I plan to hurry up and finish it this week and so I will post a picture when it's done.   For the instructions, check out the Wednesday's Creations Instructions for Basket Full of Flowers.

Well, I hear the storm I think I will get off the computer.    Thanks for visiting.   Have a good evening...