Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Picture Perfect Day

We drove up the coast today to have some fresh oysters at one of our favorite restaurants.   Above are some pictures I took after lunch.   I think I am getting better at both taking pictures with a digital camera and finessing them with the new iPhoto.

I took photography in college - you know, back in the dark ages when you developed your own film.   My dad gave me his 'Rolly' and it took great pictures, especially black and white.    I haven't been able to reproduce those type of pictures yet, but I am trying...

You can see that it was a picture perfect day.   All the weatherpersons said today was the day...no rain in other words...so we got out and enjoyed it.  (And yes, I am still enjoying our new-to-us vehicle.   You want to know something...it is getting much better mileage than our old car even though it is much bigger...what a bonus!)

Back to our trip to NYC.   Somethings do not change and here are three pictures of one of those things, or should I say one of millions...

They are brazen little creatures.   They do not seem to have a care in the world around humans.   Question.  Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?   Me neither!   I often wonder how they keep them so hidden...have to look that one up.

Tuesday's Journal Prompt:  How is your journal coming?   I have been slacking off a bit, but I did get back to working on both my fabric one as well as my 'basket' one.  By the way, there are only three more weeks of 'Basket' type prompts.  

Today, imagine that you are going on a picnic at your very favorite place - a park, a beach, a festival, whatever -  think about your surroundings, listen to all the sounds…how do you feel?   And what did you pack in your picnic basket?   Is it something you remember from your childhood, or from some other time in your life?  Maybe your children's favorite?   Smile!   Think about those happy times.  Now play with your journal...

I appreciate your stopping by...enjoy your evening.