Monday, June 7, 2010

Best Intentions Once Again Gone Astray

How are you at keeping your 'best intentions'?   There are some days when I think I have to be the worst at keeping them!!!   I promised to get my studio done this weekend, right?   Right!   Unfortunately, life intervened and I am still not done!    And, I am getting just a little bit fed up with the whole thing.    

I have been tempted to just put the stuff back on the shelf without sorting.   And just when I am ready to do it, I think, but what is that going to accomplish...not much!!   So back I go to sorting and giving away stuff I know I will never use again, etc.  And then I think that I will never get done and back to creating stuff...anything...even a doodle on a scrap of paper...

Well, I am getting desperate and now have a definite deadline.   As we have to travel back to Manhattan this Wednesday, I want the office done by Tuesday evening!!!   Hopefully!?!?!  Please???  

One thing that I have discovered is that I like to try a lot of different things.   Sometimes, I continue with the craft and do more.    Other times I just want to try it once and that's it.   It's not that I didn't enjoy doing it once...whatever the craft...but once is enough and then I am on to another type.   

I don't feel this is a bad thing, but rather a way to stretch my imagination and test out new ideas and techniques.   Unfortunately, one of the outcomes is that I have a lot of things around that I know I will not use again in any serious fashion...thus the sorting and giving away.  

How about you, do you like to try out new things just to see if you like it?   I hope so, because the experience will expand your horizons.   And you may find a way to apply a new technique to an old craft or vice versa.

Well, I have taken enough time from my sorting and back to the studio cleaning!!!

Thanks for stopping by...