Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, I did it!!!  I finished sorting, cleaning and organizing my studio!!!   It's done!!!   Do you get that I am one happy person?   I really thought that I would be finishing it after we got back from Manhattan.   Instead, I will be able dive right in to creative ventures once again when we get back. 

And that's a good thing because I am so far behind in some of my projects that I will have to spend an extraordinary amount of time working - make that playing - in my studio.    Don't feel sorry for me, I am looking forward to it.  

And getting rid of so much stuff that I rarely if ever used has given me the freedom to 'play' with the 'stuff' I really love to use.   Isn't that interesting!   And as an added bonus, most of what I got rid of was donated, not thrown away.

Of course, the trip to Manhattan means that I will not be posting for a couple days.   Our schedule is crammed so full that I'm not sure I will even be able to snap a couple of pictures, but I will try.  I always love to take pictures in NYC.   (I am charging my camera battery as I type...always hopeful.)

This will be the first long trip in our 'new to us' vehicle.   By the way, I am getting the same or better mileage than I did with our other car, so no 'sticker shock' at the pump.   Although, the first time I filled up, I was surprised...it has a much larger tank!!!

When I get back, one of the things I will need to do is take pictures of my studio for the 'Where Bloggers Create' event later this month.    I love to see how other folks organize their work areas.    I usually get several ideas to incorporate in my place which is small.  But for now, I like the way I have it arranged and organized.   You will have to let me know what you think when I post the pictures.

As I was cleaning and sorting and organizing my studio, I was thinking about how much 'stuff' that I was keeping that I really didn't need and this got me to thinking about this week's journal prompt.   A lot of us carry 'stuff' that we really don't need nor use and that serves no purpose other than to take up space.   

And I feel so good about getting rid of my 'stuff', I thought that maybe others might feel the same way.   So why not journal about that?   What 'stuff' would you get rid of and how do you think it would make you feel?    

Well, thanks for visiting...