Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Butterflies a flying

Another one from down south, but I just loved this little froggie holding up the plant.   It looked very appropriate for that spot in the garden...

Well, you know, best laid plans and all...

I was going to spend the day in my studio working on art 'stuff'.   Well, I did spend my day in the studio between laundry, kitchen duty, computer duty, etc.   AND, I did manage to get one little thing done for today's post.   

But most of the time was spent writing curriculum for a friend.   I think that this little project will probably take up several days (and nights).   Don't get me wrong...I enjoy doing it.   My problem is that I get so involved in it that the whole day is gone before I know it.  I have to learn to pace myself, but then again, I have never been good at that so why start now?

I am a little sorry that I didn't get to my journal.   I have several ideas that I want to explore...maybe tomorrow????  

You'll see, I actually did get one thing created and I think it looks quite nice if I do say so myself...   

We are working on butterflies this month and I wanted to try crocheting a butterfly.    There are some absolutely gorgeous ones on line.   Just google crochet butterfly and the list is endless.   

Most of them are also a bit involved, but not all.   So I wanted to make one that was easy and fast...and here it is...

This was so simple.   I used Crosheen and a size E hook.  So here's the pattern:
Chain 10 and slip stitch together
Chain five
Work 9 triple crochets into the center
Work 10 single crochets up the edge
Tie off leaving a long length of string
Work this down the outside edge and leave hanging
Slipstitch at the top (next to where you chained five)
Repeat the pattern on the other side
(See picture below)

Tie off the top string and work it into the body.  
Fold in half and using some gold thread form the body.   (See picture below)

Add beads to decorate.  (See picture below)

Add a string to hang.  (See picture below)

Once I began playing around with the idea and coming up with the design, it took very little time to create this little cutie.  I'm thinking about crocheting several and making a hanging mobile out of them.  Just have to keep them out of the reach of the kitties...

Well, thanks for visiting.   Come on back tomorrow if you have the time...