Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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More pictures from our trip south.   I was really taken with how the light filtered through the trees and seemed to light up patches of flowers.

Ran lots of errands today along with a couple meetings, so I haven't had much of a chance to work on any artistic endeavors today.   No plans tomorrow other than working in my studio on some sadly neglected projects including my journals.

I'm not sure if I told you what one of my kitties did a couple days ago.   I walked into my studio only to find that one of them - no, I do not know which one - managed to upchuck on two of my projects including my 'basket' wall hanging which was about to be quilted as well as my latest doodle.

I tried saving the wall hanging, but could not get the stain out.   And, of course the doodle was a lost cause from the get go.   I would like to banish them from the studio, but that is impossible as it is an open area.   I guess I would also miss them...after a while!!!   Oh well, a small price for such devoted companions.

I am beginning to plan the staging and scenery for the last of the musicals.   This one has several different and distinct scenes and I am having a hard time trying to find a common denominator to work with.   We really do not have anyway to do background changes which is why I am trying to figure out some way to handle the changes without changing - if that makes any sense.  I have three months to come up with something.   Wish me luck!!!

One of my favorite things about butterflies is their unique markings and colors.   I know that not all butterflies are colorful, but the ones that are can be quite beautiful.   I love colors.   I love what colors do for me...some make me happy, others are calming and still others are energetic.   

So how about you?   Do you like different colors?   Do colors affect you differently?   Well, what I want you to do is pick a color - any color you want - and journal however you want about that color and how it makes you feel.   You can write about it, color, paint, use pictures...remember, this is your journal to do express yourself however you want.   Have fun.

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