Monday, July 26, 2010

Chip and Dale's Little Adventure

Welcome Monday!!! 
The weather was just picture perfect open, breezes just a-blowing, humidity in the 30's...what humidity?  Sun shining, clouds puffing couldn't have been more perfect!   

Well, it could have been fall, but that's just me.   I love fall and football and pumpkins and leaves in all sorts of colors.   And guess what, the first pre-season football game is not that far away...wa-hoo!!!   

Okay, okay, I know that not everyone is as football crazy as I am so I'll leave it alone for now except to beg that a certain quarterback comes back to my all-time favorite team...the Minnesota Vikings.   I'm done now.

Frugal Friday Roundup:
I was going to post on Friday, but around suppertime I started feeling 'not so great'.   Thinking it was just a little something I laid down for a bit...but that bit turned out to be all weekend.   Really, I basically stayed in bed all day Saturday and all day Sunday.   So that is why I didn't get the post done.  But I am feeling pretty much okay today. 

At any rate, I didn't go over my $25.00, but I came close because of the trip up to Boothbay for lobster, etc.   So altogether last week I spent $21.35 and all of it on food and beverages.

And now on to today's story in pictures:
Chip and Dale had a visitor today...and the little fellow was not at all afraid of them.   Either he was very dumb not knowing their attitude, or very smart realizing they couldn't get to him.  The pictures are not great but you'll get the idea.   So here are Chip and Dale just concentrating on something outside the window...

And what are they looking at?   Why, this cute little fellow.

All of a sudden, this fellow showed up...

And this was supposed to be a squirrel proof bird feeder!   And because someone decided to scare him away, the little guy got scared and ran toward the patio door.

So he could hide among the plants.   And, of course, this practically drove Chip and Dale, especially Dale, crazy...

You can see Dale desperately trying to get to the little fellow who just peeked out from behind the plants.

An exciting time was had by all...except the little fellow who didn't appear to pay any attention at all!!!

That's all for this evening.

Thanks for stopping by...