Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soapbox Time

Don't you love the way they park cars in NYC???

TV and the INTERNET:
I'm going to get up on my soapbox for a few minutes.   I hope you don't mind.  And what is my soapbox rant about?   Well, it's about what has happened to the craft shows.  

I like to watch all sorts of craft shows from painting to scrapbooking to knitting/crocheting to quilting to general crafts.  They get my mojo going with all sorts of new applications to play around with.  And it seems to me that for the most part a lot of those shows are missing from my tv.   

The Carol Duvall Show practically invented HGTV and now I can't even find a craft show unless it runs at three in the morning.   And DIY?   Forget it.   Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy some of the home improvement shows, but I also like my craft shows.

And yes I know that I can watch segments of the craft shows on HGTV.com.   But what I would like to know is why can't there be a dedicated place for crafters?   

CREATE TV and PBS still run several craft shows along with cooking and gardening and home improvement and travel.  But neither place is solely for crafts.  

And now there are two cooking channels on cable with lots more cooking on other channels.   I just don't understand why we can't have a general craft channel.    And if we can't do it on tv, why not on the internet?

There are two very well done quilting shows on the internet.   And one location has lots and lots of other quilting shows that you can watch.   And yes, they do have a membership cost associated with them, but both are well worth it.

So where is the channel dedicated to not only general craft shows only like the Carol Duvall Show, or Aleene's but also to specific crafts like painting and quilting and sewing, etc?  Am I alone on this or do some of you feel the same way?

Okay, I'm done now.

Last prompt for butterflies.   So, we have done things all around butterflies, but have we actually done butterflies.   Lots and lots of butterflies.   Why not create a page full of all sorts of butterflies.   Some cut out of magazines, some stickers, some made of fabric, some drawn, some painted...  Make a page just of butterflies thanking them for all the beauty they bring to the world.

Well, I missed the deadline to complete the curriculum last week, but this week's deadline looks like a winner.   I am down to finishing up one session which is almost done and that leaves only one more session to go.   Have to write some general comments after that and I am done!   Wish me luck.   Scenery comes next...

Thanks for visiting...