Friday, July 16, 2010

Frugal Friday and Flowers

Aren't these three baskets just gorgeous?   I took these when we were in Freeport  (Maine) walking around.  I know they look nice in the pictures, but in real life they were lush and very, very, very big!!!  I would have had a problem holding them they were so large.

Well, this week was easy enough...I spent no money.  Nothing.   Naada.  (Is that how you spell naada?)

What's even more unique is that there is nothing that I really want right now...not even craft wise.   Of course, put me in a quilt shop and that will evaporate quite soon...probably immediately!!!

The curriculum writing that I am doing for a friend is coming along quite well.   Out of the seven segments...each for an average of four sessions...I have completed two.   AND I have lots and lots of information gathered for most of the remainder segments.   

Only one is giving me some problems.   But once I decide how to approach this one, I think it too will go fast.   I'm going to try to get two more segments written this weekend.    And as there are really no plans, I just may be able to accomplish it.

I took the gazebo/tent down last night.   It was easier than I thought.   Unfortunately, the patio looks quite forlorn.   And as it was threatening to rain with storms predicted, I didn't really do anything to it today.   I'll try this weekend.   Maybe I'll get an umbrella...think they will make me take that down also?

I was watching a little bird playing in a tree trunk a few days ago.   Just flitting back and forth.  I managed to get a couple pictures of the little fellow.   You can see him through the fence...
Don't know what she/he was thinking, but it sure was fun to watch.   (I'm not hard to entertain!!)

Well, back to the curriculum writing I go...

Have a great weekend.   Find a festival or community event in your area and attend.   Or check out your local farmers'  market.   There's some great fruits and veggies available now.

Thanks for visiting...