Monday, July 19, 2010

The theme Is Pink

Yes the theme is flowers...some with water drops on them.  They just looked so pretty that I had to take their pictures.

Not much exciting happening around here today.   Lots and lots of little errands.  You know, the kind that just accumulate and accumulate until you look at the pile and think it will never get done.   Well, I did finish my list for today but there's more for tomorrow.

The kitties were entertained by the squirrels and chipmunks who keep getting to the bird feeders no matter what I do...think - few choice least Chip and Dale are happy.   And the birds get their food between the squirrel feedings.   

I still haven't arranged the patio since I took the gazebo/tent down...too depressing.   I did manage to water the plants this morning.   They are looking good.  I think that tomorrow while out taking care of some more errands that need doing - like purchasing a vacuum cleaner - the floor is beginning to look a bit desperate - I'll see if there are any large umbrellas on sale.   

When we were living in NYC, we did have a gigantic one that probably was the same size as what I took down...think the property management will ask me take one like that down also???  Although, they did say I could put up an umbrella.

I am really getting a lot of the curriculum written.  I now have four of the seven segments done and information for two more.   I'm aiming for completion by the end of this weekend.   Actually, I really need to get the curriculum done so I can get busy on the backdrop for the next musical.

But for some reason, I am just not getting any crafting done...summer doldrums???   Maybe summer vacation of sorts.   Any of you having the same problem?   I come into the studio, straighten up anything left out and maybe draw a bit, nothing worth keeping.   I used to love to pursue artistic projects in the summer, but this summer, I'm sort of flat.  Oh well, maybe next week.   Wait, can't do that, I have to find a craft for Wednesday...have no fear, it will be there...

Hope your tomorrow is everything you want it to be...

Thanks for stopping by...