Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm back...

It's seems like I've been away from my blog since forever!!!   But I am back.

And I want to thank everyone who left messages of support as well as those who stopped by to visit my studio.   Our trip to the Gulf Coast was sad, but also joyful as we celebrated the life of our family member with friends and family.   

The weather was as I had remembered and humid!   I am not sure if I could adapt to that again.   Freezing when in the air-conditioning and roasting when outside.   I think the high humidity is the worst for me.    

Of course, the other 'big gorilla in the room' was the oil spill.   It was so disheartening to see those lovely white sand beaches dotted and in some cases covered with oil...and the wild life...and marsh lands...not to mention the way of life for so many who earn their living on the waters.   To hear and see about it on tv is bad enough, but to see the effects in person is absolutely heart-rendering.

No matter who is at fault, and I think there is more than enough blame to go around, the fact of the matter is that this will not go away overnight.   It is going to take a long concerted effort to recover all that has been lost...and some things may never be recovered.  

And the possibility that the oil will gain momentum in the gulf stream and ride it up the east coast and out into the Atlantic Ocean is even more devastating.  I really hope that this will not happen.

Okay, I think I have that out of my system for now.

So, back to my blog.    Even though we are going to NYC tomorrow for a couple days, I plan on staying in touch.   So tomorrow I will have a great Journal Prompt (By the way, how are your journals doing?) and Wednesday's craft is really fun and tiny!

Since things were kind of jumbled up with everything going on, I didn't change themes in June, but now that it is July our theme has changed and this month it is BUTTERFLIES.  Originally, I had thought about fireworks, but decided to put that one on hold until next year.     

One other note, I do have lots of pictures to post, but they are still in my camera, so downloading them is the first order of business.  And I promise that I will begin posting my picture of the day this week.

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July Weekend.   We took it easy this year and watched the fireworks on tv and then went out and lit some sparklers.   (I remember how much fun it was to make designs with sparklers, do you?)   AND then, the natural fireworks began as the fireflies began to light favorite form of fireworks.

By the way, if you are here to visit my studio, just click on the WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE on the side bar and it will take you to that post.

Thanks for stopping by...