Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're off...again...

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I managed to find one magnolia blossom close enough to take a picture.   It was not exactly magnolia blossom time when we were south.  Unfortunately, I could not get a full face picture of this magnolia without a ladder.   It was very large, about the size of a dinner plate.

I took these shortly after it rained - you can see the drops of water still on the snapdragons.   I always remember playing with snapdragons when I was a little girl.   It was a treat to see these.

Well, we are about to leave for NYC and this is one trip I am not looking forward to.   In case you haven't heard, the east coast is suffering from a heat wave...at 9am this morning it was already 88 degrees in NYC.   And Humid!    I thought I just left this weather.   And they are promising power outages.    It's even hot in Maine!!!!

Think I will take the steps instead of any elevators when we get there...or at least go to the bathroom before getting on an elevator and make sure we have plenty of water...no worries here...right!

Tuesday's Journal Prompt:
Watching butterflies as they seem to float effortless through the air - I know, they probably really have to work at it - reminded me of the days when life just 'floats' by and things are quiet, comfortable, stressfree and satisfying.   

You remember those days, be they from childhood or adulthood.   Maybe you haven't had any of them lately.   Why not spend a few minutes remembering them or even imagining them and take some time to journal.   I think we all need days that are quiet, comfortable and satisfying to balance with those days that are so full that we can't catch a breath.

Well, we are off.   Tomorrow's blog will be late in the evening - more like my normal time.

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