Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day What-ever and Rehearsal Woes!!!

It's been one of those know the many interruptions happen that nothing that you wanted to get accomplished actually got accomplished!!!   Well, that was my day.   The one thing that did get done was to move the moving date up!!!   Whoa!!!   Yes, I did say up!!!   And if I have any more days like today, I am going to be in big trouble.

Things weren't so great last night at the final Full Dress Rehearsal either.   By the way,  here are the pictures of the backdrop I did:

As usual, they look better in person, but not too shabby in the pictures.   

But back to our dress rehearsal which was wild.   First they wanted more footlights.   Then they added a couple more spotlights.   All to be regulated by my dimmer switch.   Unfortunately, they added so many that the switch burned out.   Then, the two spots lit up like a torch and burned now we are back to the original footlights without a dimmer.

To make matters worse, while operating the lighting control panel, lights kept coming on and turning off not by me...I was losing control.   Turns out that cast members were leaning up against the other panels which control the same lights.   As a result, the system revolted and we couldn't operate the lights at all!!!

Well, that system has a recovery mode which I found out about today, so it is working, but the footlights will just have to stay lit the entire show.   I simply do not have time to go out, purchase and make a new dimmer switch.   I'm already on overload as it is.

But the rest of the show was great...a few people needed some prompting, but this is community theater on a completely volunteer level.   The show, the third in the trilogy,  is absolutely fantastic.   I think it is the best of the three.   Well, opening night is tomorrow.   Hopefully, I will be up to blogging when I get home so I can let you know who it went.

I think with such a stressful day today, I am going to call it quits early and try to get packing in tomorrow - maybe even take a load to storage.

By the way, even though my team (The Minnesota Vikings) lost last weekend, some NFL officials and others thought that the officiating was not the greatest and that the Vikings should not have had at least one touchdown overturned...there really was no evidence to do so.   And, of course, the first touchdown by the Packers was not a legal one either.   It should have been challenged.   Oh well.   That seems to be normal for the Vikings!

That's all for tonight...thanks for visiting...stop in tomorrow to find out how Opening Night went.