Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thirty Six Days...Wow...

I know, it's not very original, but I am still awed by the fact that we will be moving in about a month!!!

Well, you can guess why this is here...I packed these today.   Tomorrow they will be off to the storage unit!  Guest room is almost finished.   That may not sound like much, but I basically disguised my storage room as a guest it is something!!!   And it will be packed and out of here by the end of the week.  

Next up, my office/studio.   And the good thing about that is that I have mostly decided what to keep, what to get rid of, what to take and what to pack.  And the books and magazines are all taken care of.   So, I don't think it will take much time.   What will take time is the closet next to my office/studio with all our files.   Have yet to decide how to handle them.

What you can get into a tiny bag.  

Anyone remember those old stencil tools on the left...I mean the old stencils for a mimeograph machine?   They are really sturdy and come in handy for a variety of things.

All of the above fit into this little bag with room for more...

Backdrop is hung, but no lighting person.   So, they called and asked if I would handle the know, dimming, bringing them up,  changing the lighting to reflect the scene, highlighting...   I can never say no, so off to rehearsal I went last night.   It went long.   That's why I didn't blog yesterday.   And tonight is final dress rehearsal, so it will be long again.   Thus, my afternoon instead of evening blog.   I will try to remember to take pictures of the backdrop tonight.

I began packing another box of craft things.   This one will hold most of my tools.  I began with a good mat for gluing and then added a super cutting mat - it is twice as thick as most of the cutting mats - some rubbing stencils and then all sorts of tools.   The little bag is on the left side.

And there is still lots of room in this box also.   I may not need all six boxes.

Well, that's all for today.   It is cloudy, gray, rainy, windy and yet, I can still see some beautiful fall leaves on the trees.   What a gift.

Thanks for stopping by.